Quick hits: Vehicle Blues

Band name: Vehicle Blues

Place of origin: Logan Square, Chicago, Illinois.

Personnel: Vehicle Blues is Gabe Holcombe, age 27. “My friend April Jouse plays drums in the band, too, but on tour I’m solo.”

Upcoming shows: Monday, September 13, at Pehrspace.

If you could write a song for Justin Bieber, how would it go?
It’s called “We Could Fly There” and it would go “Oh, girl, we don’t have to stay here. I want to take you any-oh-oh-oh-where. If you’re worried about paying a fare, I got my plane and we could fff-ly-ly-ly there.” Just when it would sound finished, there’ll be a bunch of those Funkmaster Flex bomb drop sound effects and Cam’ron will do a guest verse about the commercial aircraft industry.

Hey, Gabe, how did Vehicle Blues come about and why?
I formed Vehicle Blues in late 2007 as way to release my own music around the same time that I started doing cassette releases for friends on my tape label, Lillerne. Early stuff was just blown out pop loops and random shit recorded onto a 4-track in my room. Played only a few shows until early 2010. Just wanted to have fun like everybody else.

How would you describe your musical aesthetic to a stranger?
’90s Slumberland loner. Grew up listening too much to Boyracer and Henry’s Dress. Pop music buried under the muck.

What song in your set describes you best?
“Just Go” is a song about wanting somebody around but then wanting to be alone when the situation finally presents itself.

What are some bands or performers that everyone in Vehicle Blues really likes?
Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk, Wishgift, Swirlies, Distractions, Swimsuit, Coughs (RIP), Squish, Cool Memories, Arid Hunter, No School Get Fucked Up, Trudgers, Nicole Kidman, Burger Kingdom (RIP).

How long is your tour?
Close to ten days from one end of California to the other.

Is there any music that is not permitted in the tour vehicle?
I’m down for whatevs. If L.A. has something similar to Chicago’s WGCI, I would enjoy listening to that in the car.

What can folks expect from Vehicle Blues at Pehrspace?
A short set of hopefully noisy and appealing songs. Catharsis music for the lazy or short attentioned.

Don’t miss Vehicle Blues this Monday…

Sean Carnage presents

11:45 Diamond Catalog
11:15 Halloween Swim Team
10:45 Vehicle Blues (Chicago)
10:15 Kevin Greenspon
9:45pm ige*timer

with the comedy stylings of Peter Moran

+ DJ Kyle Mabson & DJ JCiocci2000 (of Paperrad)

Starts 9:30pm / $5 / all-ages

Pehrspace—325 Glendale Blvd., in Historic Filipinotown

RSVP for the Kevin Greenspon/Vehicle Blues tour

Add SEANCARNAGE,.COM on Facebook for show info as soon as it’s announced

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