Quick hits: Terraform

Band name: Terraform

Place of origin: We’re from Underneathica, North Portland.

Personnel: Susan Subtract, 99, ring modulator & vocals. Jon Benet, 6 (R.I.P.), bass. Greater Teysha, fucking 19, alto sax & vocals. Naveed MIR, 26, pots and pans.

Upcoming shows: Tonight, Monday, September 6, at Pehrspace.

Aesthetic advice for other bands: Everyone needs to dispose of everything they know and splatter their guts all over whatever medium they’re working with. Please, everyone, please stop trying to sound like AIDS Wolf.

How did Terraform form?
Susan was astral projecting back to 1996 where he meet a newly deceased Jon Benet Ramsey. He took her plasmatic hand and found a suitable body container for her on the other side in 2009. After losing drummer Jeffrey Jerusalem to RATATAT (true story), Susan and Jon decided to place an add in the back of “Portland’s Most Awesome Weekly Newspaper”, to which someone with email “astrodorque” responded. One practice and a vial later and true believer Naveed was on drums. Then, after struggling for awhile with a severe bicycle accident, saxophonist Splatterina was faced with no option but to jettison. Without hesitation, fellow traveloid Greater Teysha, from the primordial soup that was Dinner&TheMainCourse, enlisted. We spend most of our time in thee batcave surfing the cosmic slim.

What are some classic bands/artists that everyone in the band loves?
We love Crass, Lake of Dracula, Ruins, Devo, Rudimentary Peni, Swell Maps, Nervous Gender, The Residents, Nirvana or whatever.

Who are the best new bands to look out for right now?
People should really look out for NASA Space Universe, Okie Dokie, Nu Sensae, TFFDubz, Orange Coax, Rib Cages, Sister Fucker.

What was the first song that you ever wrote and what was it about?
The first song we wrote in the current incarnation of Terraform is “Paranoid Parasite.” The song is about having the sudden, intense feeling that you are not the person of the body you’re in, but rather an odd psychic creature that forms a parasitic bond with the host, absorbing their mind and memory, and thus losing your own. For all intents and purposes, you practically become your host. But now, you realize you are not this person. Instead of regaining self identity, you plummet further towards utter toil and ambiguity.

What is the most recent song you have written and what was it about?
The most recent song we’re working on is called “Talk About It.” It encourages people to stop trying to fill their inner void, but rather, embrace it. You can only stuff it full of the bullshit that surrounds you.

What’s your newest album/single/video?
Our latest album is a cassette release called Temporal Junk on Karamazov Recordings (download it). Our next release will be a 7″ ep on Stank House records.

What’s the best/worst part of being a touring band?
The best part about touring is meeting new people and the exposure it affords, the worst part is driving.

What can folks expect from you at Pehrspace ?
People should expect headaches, strong visuals, nausea, vomiting, erections, special needs, and plenty of seizure inducing lights and contact highs available all around at the show on Monday. Be there or b².‎

What trend would you like to see become popular in music?
NO TREND, everyone needs to dispose of everything they know and splatter their guts all over whatever medium they’re working with. Please, everyone, please stop trying to sound like AIDS Wolf.

If you could write a song for Lady Gaga to sing, what would it be called and how would it go?
Lady Gaga should write a song that is, like, terribly generic, really catchy with bad lyrics, where she utilizes “controversial” costumes, borrowed-antiquated counter-culture, ties to other pop icons, and shticky aesthetics all aimed at mass assimilation towards the fascist industrial complex of the world tomorrow, today.

Download Terraform’s Temporal Junk for free

Don’t miss Terraform at Pehrspace tonight…

Sean Carnage presents…

11:45 NASA Space Universe
11:15 The Emotron
10:45 Terraform
10:15 Stag Bitten
9:45pm  Okie Dokie

with DJ Kyle Mabson

Doors at 9:30pm / $5 / all-ages

Pehrspace—325 Glendale Blvd., in Historic Filipinotown

RSVP on Facebook

Add SEANCARNAGE.COM f or  more shows news, videos & photos

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