Quick Hits: Penelope Edmund

Band name: Penelope Edmund

Place of origin: London, England

“Penelope Edmund on Bass, Drums, Guitar, Percussion, Vox, Keys, Egg shakers and Vibraslaps.”

Upcoming shows:
“L.A. debut on Monday, May 9, at Pehrspace. Then shows at The Smell and Pieter Pad.”

Do you have anything special planned for the show?
“Girth, mirth and mother earth.”

Don't rock, wobble: Penelope Edmund goes for it live.

Hi, Penelope. I’m interested to hear how you create your music.  Do you write and record at the same time?
I love percussion! Okay, firstly I’ll probably lay down some kick drums and snare, then straight onto some grinding, grunting bassline. Then I guess I scatter some cowbells or blocks in here and there, and sometimes a synth to punctuate or a twangy guitar. And yes I absolutely write and record at the same time! If I have an idea to begin with, it usually ends up very different when it’s actually realised. Lyrics tend to come last of all…usually starting with few shrieks or vowels that may become words and eventually the song comes together.

Your songs seem designed to be played in front of a large/live audience, tell us about your live show.
It’s mainly me vibrating at speed across various areas of the stage. Pumping bass guitar! Percussion blocks! Bam! Sometimes people even dance.

Have you played Los Angeles before?
This will be my first trip to L.A./California, so I guess I’m expecting wild parties, sun, positive vibes. I like and admire the can-do attitude of my friends who live in L.A. and the US—it’s very very positive and refreshing.

Do you feel your music has a particular “Englishness”?  Do you have a take on what’s going on in British music these days?
I don’t know if my music has a particular Englishness! Maybe? What’s going on in British music these days. I guess this is not just a British thing, but there’s many many bands, many many bloggers, many many DJs, many many club promoters—technology has allowed us to inherit these new roles. Amongst the millions of voices, there is some great stuff out there, you just have to dig deep. I do actually like it when a truly amazing new song is a vinyl-only release—you value it more.

And lastly, what kind of oil are you talking about?
That song is about going on a romantic picnic to a very quiet beach on a lovely sunny day. I’ll let you decide about what the oil might be for.

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Don’t her first L.A. show:

Image: Ryan A. Rivera Montez

Monday, May 9

Roses Jade Camellia (goth trannies)
Penelope Edmund
David Liebe Hart Band
Dream Being

Starts 9:30pm / $5 / all-ages

Pehrspace—325 Glendale Blvd., in Historic Filipinotown

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Spend Friday the 13th with Penelope

Your last chance to see Penelope Edmund in Los Angeles will be May 14 at Pieter Pad

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