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Personnel: David is 29, lives in “Hempy” Tempe, Arizona, and does sampling, drones, sacrifices and vocals. Mike is 28 lives in NoPho, Arizona, and does sequencing, programming, live keys, and rituals.

Martin Luther King—what does he mean to you?
“All social revolutionaries that have committed themselves to the cause of evolving and integrating human consciousness should be held with high regard and respect.”

Melted Cassettes audiophonically immolating House of Vermont last year.

Melted Cassettes audiophonically immolating House of Vermont last year.

How long have you been making music as Melted Cassettes?
It initially started with David in 2005 as a one-man project. Eventually Mike joined the ranks and the energy behind Melted Cassettes drove the duo into a number of strange and transformative events which continue to impact and evolve the dimensionality of Melted Cassettes from being something to be categorized or put into genre such as “noise” or “industrial,” etc., to facilitating a complex communication process with what has revealed itself to be the driving force behind Melted Cassettes.

What do you call your musical aesthetic?
Pre/Post-Apocalyptic Entheogenic Spirituals and Hymns for the morphogenetically inclined.

What music from your childhood was most formative, as far as what you are doing now?
David: Big Black changed the way I listened to and made music when I was 15. I’m also heavily influenced by Jesus Lizard and bands like Wolf Eyes, etc.
Mike: My father thought it would be a good a idea to play music like Faust and Brian Eno while the fetus was in the womb. I saw ELP play when I was four years old. They were wearing skeleton costumes, and I thought Keith Emerson was Skeletor playing the synthesizer. I spent most of my adolescence swimming through the sounds of Skinny Puppy, Tool, and Pigface.

How’s tour? Any crazy/embarrassing stories to share?
You’d think with all the movies out there depicting how an extraterrestrial would manifest itself to a human, that one might be a little more prepared for the encounter. However, this is not the case.

How can people get a hold of your music?
Album tracks are being streamed over here.

Anything special planned for Monday night? What can the audience expect?
The unexpected. The warm buzzing of the chaotically collective minds.

What’s gonna be cool in 2011??!
New Clipd Beaks, new Skinny Puppy album, camping in Sedona vortexes, and our full length LP, The Real Sounds From Hell Recordings, will drop before summertime.

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Melted Cassettes—don’t miss ’em! They are playing tonight…

Image: D. Bene Tleilax

11:30 The Tleilaxu Music Machine
11pm Melted Cassettes
10:30 Shane Shane
10pm Son Cats
9:30 BYODeath

Starts 9:30pm / $5 / all-ages

Pehrspace—325 Glendale Blvd., in Historic Filipinotown

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