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Band name: Creepy Marbles

Place of origin:  Eureka, California

Personnel: Backwoods Baglady (keys, loops, samples, beats), Jah Bork (vocals, samples, keys, percussion), Emcee Fee Seize (Raps, hype, spiritual presence), Schmieshmar “The Dog” Aggdornaut (keys, samples, vocals).

Upcoming L.A. shows (with Craig): Monday, May 23, at Pehrspace, and Wednesday, May 25, at Da Mudd Duck.

Do you have anything special planned for the show? Live painting, cursed contortions, projections of our infantile rage… and a secret surprise. We plan to envelope the audience in an ecstatic dreamstate we call the “Chuggly Throbb.”

Creepy Marbles doing what they do best.

Tell us about the name change. You were Dreamgoatz but now you guys are Creepy Marbles.  Why the change?
We’ve been releasing Creepy Marbles LPs in small batches every year since 2007, but about two months ago one of the founding members of Dreamgoatz decided they didn’t want to play music with us anymore, leaving the rest of the band with a bunch of shows booked as Dreamgoatz to fulfill. In April we played a couple shows around Humboldt County with Schmieshmar Aggdornaut on keys/samples and one where we invited Emcee Fee Seize to rap over our beats. We liked the direction this collaboration was heading towards and decided to crystallize this lineup and play a slew of new jams on our upcoming Southwest tour. Ultimately, Creepy Marbles is a higher-energy continuation of what we did in Dreamgoatz, complete with a new stage show and sound system—and a callous disregard for so-called “personal” space.

A lot of your visuals are pretty psych, do you guys put much effort into your visuals?
Yes and no. The throbb comes to us so easily, it literally supplants our brains and basic motor functions and designs our aesthetic vicariously.

You guys use a lot of machinery to make your music, SC.com readers are a pretty tech-savvy bunch, can you go into a little detail about what kind of equipment you use?
The Human Voice, Roland SP-404 samplers, Alesis Micron keyboard, Microkorg keyboards, Roland SPDS drum pad, Electro Harmonix 2880 4-track looper, percussion, hundreds of instruments we own (which we program into our samplers)…

One of the things I really like about your band is that it sounds like a real cohesive effort—different people bringing slightly different viewpoints to the same idea. How long have you been making music together?  Do you guys have similar tastes?
Jah Bork and Backwoods Baglady have been “producing” works of “art” since they were in 6th grade hotpantz. Ten years later, we have re-appropriated our past film work for “modern audiences” (for example, our “bed i made” video, which was made by and features our preteen selves). We all indulge in electro-decomposing junk-pop revelry: favs include Cocteau Twins, Brian Eno, Sun Ra, Negativland, Prince and E-40.

Tell us about any future releases.
Our upcoming LP, Tha Chuggly Throbb, will be available in CD format (you can buy it at our shows) or for FREE download on our bandcamp (creepymarbles.bandcamp.com) on July 4th, Indiependants Deigh.

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Don’t miss them at the show…

Image: Adrien Parker

Sean Carnage presents…

Captain Ahab (welcome back from 2 month U.S. tour!)
Creepy Marbles (formerly Dreamgoatz)
Phaxanation & the Dust Kickers

with special guest
Greenlander / Mic Ra (Cleveland, Ohio)

and introducing
Craig (member of Essay)

Starts 9:30pm / $5 / all-ages

Pehrspace—325 Glendale Blvd., in Historic Filipinotown

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