U.S. Rocker, May 1998

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U.S. Rocker was Northeast Ohio’s largest circulation, hard-rock and underground music monthly, with 10,000 copies distributed every month during the 1990s.

Cover artist



Gary Numan, Red Giant, Blonde Redhead, Incantation, Paul Newman, Calvin Krime’s Sean Tillman (aka Sean Na Na, aka Har Mar Superstar)

Album reviews

Dirty Three, All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors, Arcturus, Bad Religion, Bassholes, Biastfear, Blood For Blood, Bloodlet, Bon Voyage, Both Worlds, Bouncing Souls, Cannibal Corpse, Jerry Cantrell, Cash Money, Catch Twenty-Two, Clutch, Collide, Covenant, Crimpshrine, C-Tec, Curve, Dawn, Defleshed, The Dingees, DJ? Acucrack, Drill Team, Firewater, Gardy-Loo, El Duce, David Garza, Gastr Del Sol, Gates Of Ishtar, Gentle Giant, The Getaway People, Good Riddance, Hellbender, Hissanol, Insanity Wave, Iron Maiden, Killah Priest, Litany, Loftus, Lord Belial, Lotion, Lynnfield Pioneers, Man Will Surrender, Marduk, Mekons, Mithotyn, Mortician, Namanax, The Need, New Bomb Turks, Zen Guerrilla, Nine Volt, Pan•American, Polara, Post Office, Primal Fear, Propellerheads, Pure, Rapoon, Sacred Steel, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Samiam, The Seymores, Sneaker Pimps, Stabbing Westward, Suicide Machines, Supernova, T-Shirt, Tilt, The Trouble With Larry, Tuscadero, Wallmen, Scott Weiland, Wild Strawberries, Victoria Williams, Witchdoctor, Wizo, Robert Wyatt, Zeke, more

Singles reviews

Arma Contra Arma, Confederates, My Three Scum, Twerps, Outcasts, Mistaken, Conspiracy, Young Offensive, Pergen, Forward, Judgement, Tetsu-Arei, Blood For Blood, Code 13

Live reviews

Je Jeune, Blacktop Cadence, Carlisle, Curve, Freaky Chakra, Buzzoven, Boulder, Chrome, Downside Special, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Blue Lunch, Dick Dale, Pagans, The Volts, The Spasms, Haunted Head, The Slobs, Promise Ring, Jimmy Eat World, Sheilbound, Braid, Compound Red, Brandtson, Hum, Frontier, Six Parts Seven, Superdrag, Apples In Stereo, Tuscadero, more

Zine reviews

If You Like Pina Coladas, Change Zine, Ben Is Dead, 8-Track Mind, If Prince Was My Girlfriend, Sound Views, Jersey Beat, Zeen


Tony Erba, Eden Gauteron, Matt Damn Kuchna

Contributing writers

Craig Bobby, Mason Boor, Sean Carnage, Herb Daly, Gene Dixon, Tony Erba, Neal Filsinger, Eden Gauteron, David Jesitus, Casey Kulas, Martin F. Lance, Miles Later, Isaac Lipfert, Dave McClelland, Jack Medley, Ed Milich, Julian Montague, Brenda Mullen, Doug Niemczura, Sasha I. Nyktos, Jill Paschen, Peanuts, Berston Pernie, Cliff Rembrandt, Reeduh, Peter Risser, Ryan Rollins, Skutr, David Steiner, Erica Washburn, Jeff Weisenberg

Contributing artists

Sean Carnage, Jake Kelly, Mr. Squirrel Murphy, Nizroc, Melissa Sullivan


Robert Banks, Jay Brown, Casey Kulas, Michelle Murphy, Karen Novak, Anastasia Pantsios

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