U.S. Rocker, March 1992

U.S. Rocker was Northeast Ohio’s largest circulation metal, hard-rock and underground music monthly, with 10,000 copies distributed every month from 1989-1998.


Marillion, Gwar, Gruntruck, L.A. Guns, The Wonder Stuff, Mudd Helmet, Music Law is for Everyone

Album reviews

Jimi Hendrix, Tesla, Follow For Now, Die Warzau, King’s X, My Sister’s Machine, Love/Hate, Entombed, Guitars That Rule The World, Fungo Mungo, Alice In Chains, Skin Chamber, James, Bangalore Choir, Ice-T & Body Count, Live, Broken Hope, Scrooge, Headtiles, MSG, A Life With Brian, Lillian Axe, Pleasure Thieves, Godflesh, High Back Chairs, Twisted Sister

Demo reviews

Mouthbreathers, Nutjob, Nameless Desire, Stream, Prey ‘N Mantyz, Atomic Punks, Headway

Live reviews

Ozzy Osbourne, Star Guitar Concert, Mr. Big, Tall Stories, Pantera, The Spudmonsters, Cheap Trick, Coup De Grace, Cannibal Corpse, Atheist, Gorguts, The Cramps, 38 Special, Webb Wilder, Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians, Rhythm Corps, Odd Girl Out, Mark Curry


Brenda Mullen, Trent Weller, Jon Epstein, Melissa Pollack, Craig Bobby, Sophie Diamantis, Peter Suciu, Lee Ann Leach, Deena Dasein, Roger O. Thornville, Maynard Marino, Tracy Steele, Sam Seawell

Contributing artists

Dave Stoll


Dave Cackowski

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