U.S. Rocker, June 1995

U.S. Rocker was Northeast Ohio’s largest circulation, hard-rock and underground music monthly, with 10,000 copies distributed every month during the 1990s.

Cover artist

Derek Hess


Mushroomhead, Scorn, SXSW

Album reviews

Season To Risk, Catherine Wheel, Chokebore, The Cogs, Die Warzau, Roky Erikson, Harddkisst, Hazel, Iced earth, It Is I, Jaks, Killing Floor, KMFDM, Liquid Gardens, Liquor Bike, Love 666, Melting Hopefuls, Moby, Morning Glories, Quicksand, Seducer, Skyclad, Sleeper, Slowburn, Slurp, Snail, Solitude Aeturnus, Spiritualized, Squatweiler, State Of Being, Strapping Young Lad, Stuck Mojo, Thorn, Tribe 8, TV Star, Under The Noise, Unorthodox, Vampire Rodents, Ween, You Am I, more

Single reviews

Anguish, Apartment 213, Beel Jak, Beowulf, Brutal Truth, Love 666, Lucifer Wong, Napalm Death, Philo Beddow, Nick Riff, Stone Deep, more

Live reviews

Danzig, Marilyn Manson, Korn, Voodoo Gearshift, Primitive, Engincore, Crash Worship ADRV, Hundred Pieces, Temple Jack Orchestra, Beastie Boys, Hurricane, Leaving Trains, Chump, The Yips, Kitchens Of Distinction, Ivy, Everclear, more


Mike Kole, Anastasia Pantsios, Steve Wainstead

Contributing writers

Keith Bergman, Craig Bobby, Sean Carnage, P.J. Costello, Deena Dasein, Delerium, Neal Filsinger, Eric Michael Hermann, Martin F. Lance, Justin Husher, Ron Kretsch, Pat Mitchell, Brenda Mullen, Sasha I. Nyktos, Peanuts, Jim Plank, Steve Bostwick, Peter Risser, Mason Boor, Nancy Pfanstiehl, Andrew Somlyo, Roger O. Thornhill, Joe Stankiewicz, Jim Raishart, Andy Weinberg


Rob Banks, Anastasia Pantsios

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