U.S. Rocker, Jan. / Feb. 1997

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U.S. Rocker was Northeast Ohio’s largest circulation, hard-rock and underground music monthly, with 10,000 copies distributed every month during the 1990s.

Cover artist

Dave Cintron

“The Best of 1996”

What we did (and didn’t) love. Full photos—amazing time capsule!

Album reviews

Chavez, Acid Bath, Bile, Bush, Coal Chamber, Crocodile Shop, Deadguy, DJ Shadow, Dianogah, Doughnuts, Downset, Earth Crisis, Elvis Toy, Gouds Thumb, Handsome, Love In Reverse Love Spirals Downward, Lycia, Lull, Marilyn Manson, Mob 47, The Moon Seven Times, Motorhead, Out Out, Iggy Pop, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Stinky Puffs, Vertex, Virago, The Violet Burning, Windsor For The Derby, more

Singles reviews

Bantam Rooster, The Bluetones, The Loons, Disengage, Biblical Proof Of UFOs, Cash Money, Atari Teenage Riot, Alec Empire, Shizuo, EC8OR

Live reviews

Six Finger Satellite, Speedking, Sheilbound, Fuzzhead, Witch Hazel, Gem, Dink, Lycia, The Wake, Autumn, Chew’s Eye Shop, Graven Image, Furnace Street, Boulder, Disengage, Downside Special, Hessier, Come, Doug Gillard, Corduroy Astronauts, more


Mike Kole, Miles Later, Anastasia Pantsios, Damon N. Smith, Steve Wainstead

Contributing writers

Keith Bergman, Craig Bobby, Mason Boor, Sean Carnage, Patrick Coleff, Tony Erba, Neal Filsinger, David Genzen, Darren Irwin, Dave Jesitus, Ron Kretsch, Martin F. Lance, Dave McClelland, Jack Medley, Brenda Mullen, Sasha I. Nyktos, Jon Paris, Peanuts, James Raishart, Ryan Rollins, Mike Shumaker, Andrew Somlyo, Joe Stankiewicz, Michael Stutz, Roger Thornhill

Contributing artists

Mr. Squirrel Murphy, Sean Carnage


Anastasia Pantsios, Rob Banks, Karen Novak

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