Speak In Tongues mystery solved: GSMF, Puncture Wound, Begit N Frenz & some huge stars!

Editor’s note: As you will read below, the year and date of this show was a total mystery. Even after commiserating with people who were there, we could reach no definite conclusion. Until Mike Rodemann—aka Roder, singer from Puncture Wound—did some digging. Beckett from Begit N Frenz was also a huge help. Now it looks like the mystery may have been solved—and there were some bands that played this bill who later became HUGE superstars! Skip to the end of the post, below the photos, for the answers to our quest… -SC

Help! I went through great effort and personal expense ($hooting with Polaroid) to document this excellent concert, but then wrote down no details. Like, was this 1999? Who else played? What date did it happen? I am backdating this post to June 1999 but I really have no idea.

What I do know is that Gordon Solie Motherfuckers was one of THE best bands on any scene from this era. Puncture Wound was also incredible. Beckett was and is one of the most human, most creative, most unpredictable people in universe. And the pit… just look at that mess.

I miss Speak In Tongues and Speak In Tongues people!

Puncture Wound: Shaun Filley, Mike Rodemann (Roder), Jimmy Rose. All photos this page: Sean Carnage.

Shaun, Roder

Christy, Wedges, Brian Shelton, Jimmy Rose, Tony Erba.

Beckett Warren aka Begit N Frenz

Begit N Frenz

I’m assuming this is Gordon Solie… can’t see Erba, though. Look at the dirt on that dude!

Look at the crazy Speak In Tongues pit. Did someone fall on a box of Jell-O pudding pops?!

Danny Noonan, Kevin Jaworski, Beckett

Dave P., Brian Strazek


Looks like these photos were taken on May 6, 2000, a full year after my original guess. The occasion was the 3rd Annual Festival Of Pants.

The bill—as you can see from the flier below (which is not in the SIT flier archive)—included future superstars Black Dice and The Rapture plus dozens more (like Puncture Wound pictured above—one of the “many, many surprises”) for the low price of FIVE DOLLARS. Yep, that’s right.

Festival Of Pants 3 Speak In Tongues The Rapture Cleveland 2000

Original “3rd Festival Of Pants” poster courtesy Mike Rodemann.

That also makes sense why the photos below were in the same album. These were from Matthew T.‘s quinceañera birthday party on June 28th. Happy birthday, Matthew!

Matthew T.

On the stoop of 4311 Lorain Ave.: Ralph, me, Matthew T.

Watch a Gordon Solie performance from ANOTHER Speak In Tongues show:

Can you help me with details about these other SIT photos?

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