10.4.05, 10.17-18.05

Celebrity Skin’s Sugarpie readies for QTN

Celebrity Skin and Village Person Randy Jones!!!

Jones later stuck his hands down my pants. Saucy!

Celebrity Skin back together after many years

Still looking good, too

In the green room with the director of ETHAN MAO

Glamor queen: actress Lana Luston

Lana on Queer television

Punk Bunny gets made-up

Celebrity Skin and Punk Bunny!

“Queer Edge” host Jack. E. Jett

“Let us pray…”

My pal Don Bolles on TV!

Celebrity Skin passes with flying rainbow colors

The Cowboy loved Don

The band with Kay Sedia and the Wau Wau Sisters

Next episode: feat. Michael Lucid of Pretty Things

Michael and guest co-host Judy Tenuta

Jack plugs Michael’s Pretty Things DVD

Michael Lucid on the tube

Judy Tenuta: “Kiss my feet, PIGS!”

Michael and famed comedian Wendy Liebman

Michael and host Jack E. Jett

Next episode: Laco$te on “Queer Edge”

Laco$te, Judy and Jack

Jack loved Peter!

Magician Ryan Majestic shows off a new trick

Next episode: The Top Drawer


The Top Drawer rocks the television!

The girls and Judy, too.

Next episode: Skeleteen on “Queer Edge”

Judy bangs her head to Skeleteen

Skeleteen with Jack & news announcer Jackie Enx

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Read about the Queer Edge with Jack E. Jett

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