If I hadn’t been there, I wouldn’t have believed it…

Welcome to NECROCOMICON. Special guest: O.J.!!!

Inside the disused cinema… dead things

And many many t-shirts

They all called FANGORIA “Faggoria.” Nerd alert!

Scary stuff upstairs… Joanna Angel & O.J. Simpson!

Joanna & I decorated with pink tape & promo slicks

Joanna Angel greets the fans

Fans examine Burning Angels’ RE-PENETRATOR

This guy looked nervous

We sold out of DVDs almost immediately

Joanna meets her match

Uh oh—I hear trouble coming!

Protesters attack the organizers

“How dare you host a murderer at the convention!?”

Joanna is amused

Inside Edition wants Joanna’s take on the fracas

Everyone loves titties!

O.J. wouldn’t sign this man’s homemade portrait

In search of O.J…

We found him! O.J.’s lair—spooky!!

Juice signs $95 autographs (on authorized merch)

Joanna decides to send O.J. a gift…

A DVD on the anniversary of Nicole’s murder

Ghouls just wanna have fun!

Seymour Butts was there with his son

With Miko Hughes aka “Gage” from PET SEMATARY

Joanna put eyeliner on me. Eeek! Never again.

Is this purple-haired woman not everywhere?

O.J.’s manager bought us mango icees

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