Photos: Mikhai’s Bai Ling birthday surprise

10/1/12: Mikhai Tran’s 30th surprise birthday party at Pehrspace featuring Bai Ling.

This wasn’t a public show per se. In fact, it was a total secret—with a heavy duty celebrity cameo!

Hollywood icon Bai Ling, the stars of the L.A. underground scene and tons of friends packed the place to wish a happy birthday to our beloved Mikhai Tran, who for many years was the face of Sean Carnage Monday Nights.

Mikhai finger-crocheted the signature yarn bracelets that set Monday shows apart and were an instantly-recognizable hip fashion accessory.

Mikhai put a lot of time and energy into Monday Nights and deserves a ton of credit for the success of the Pehrspace shows. All hail Mikhai!

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