Of tumor suits and Emotrons

Jason Kyle Knight, aka The Emotron, is from Georgia and claims an unlikely combination of  influences: manic sequencerist Atom and his Package and tragic scatologist GG Allin.

He’s actually a cute guy, but Knight has altered his appearance in the most grotesque manner. His grossness is constantly evolving too—from being nude covered in slime and grime, to being shaved partially bald—to his current state where he is trussed into a “tumor suit.”

The Emotron is scheduled to appear at Pehrspace in two weeks (Monday, July 26) in support of his new Slanty Shanty Records release, Vampire Lunch Lady Tits.

But what exactly is the Emotron all about?

The Emotron video above—for “Karaoke Night is Dead” from the forthcoming Slanty Shanty album Vampire Lunch Lady Tits—was filmed, quite appropriately, in a basement crawlspace. The Emotron looks like a creep, but sings like an angel (or his idol, Adam Goren).

The video relates what he’s about musically and visually…but WHY?

Stay tuned, I’m gonna find out more…

In the meantime prepare yerself:

Slanty Shanty Records & SEANCARNAGE.COM present

The Emotron
Mikki & the Mauses
Organ Trail
Tleilaxu Music Machine
Wet Mango

Starts 9:30pm / $5 / all-ages

Pehrspace—325 Glendale Blvd, in Historic Filipinotown

*Special gift for LA Record 100 charity contributors

**Stay tuned for more details!

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