New vid! Fancy Space People; Or, When D’on met No-Ra

“D’on,” aka Germs / Nervous Gender / 45 Grave drummer Don Bolles, and “No-Ra,” known to Earthlings as Nora Keyes (formerly of Centimeters), are two of the most radiant musical visionaries in L.A.’s creative cosmos. Perhaps that’s because these two are actually radioactive. Space travel will do that, you know.

Their band Fancy Space People has spent eons in musical hyperdrive. But how did these two ageless and immortal beings make first contact?

Videomaker Albert Chang worked very hard to capture the mystique of the Fancy Space People.

Their realm is is Kenneth Anger-like: ethereal and glamorous.

Imagine if the kids from Sweet’s “Teenage Rampage” grew up and mastered transdimensional engineering.

The man who fell to earth and the queen of space…

…Of course Mars brought them together!

Are you ready to step inside their lair and find out more?

Watch FANCY SPACE PEOPLE Or, When D’on Met No-Ra

Description: FIRST CONTACT: Learn how Don Bolles (of Germs, Nervous Gender, 45 Grave) met artist/performer No-Ra Keyes and their journey to the stars began. Recorded inside the Fancy Space People lair.

Directed & edited by Albert Chang

Videography by Eduardo Duran

Starring D’on Bolles, No-Ra, & the Fancy Space People

Music by Fancy Space People

See Fancy Space People with Ghestapo Khazi & Deadbeats this Sunday, May 15 8pm

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