Netflix stocks up on 40 BANDS 80 MINUTES!

I wanted to tell everyone about some exciting news:

Netflix bought THIRTY copies of the 40 BANDS 80 MINUTES! DVD!!!

Netflix took delivery of the discs this week. So hopefully our lil’ movie will be online soon.

Add 40 BANDS 80 MINUTES! to your Netflix queue!

Maybe some non-L.A.-area music fans will order the disc and check out the bands, too. I think they will be blown away by our concoction.

And though we don’t need no stinking validations, the order from Netflix is recognition that we made something that is well put-together, has a point-of-view and is fucking INTERESTING, y’know? It stands on its own and it STANDS OUT.


Enter a new dimension… a dimension of ripping guitars and savage vocals… Enter… DIMENSON HATROSS!

I have been mailing 40 BANDS! DVDs all week and the monotony is making me crack up a little bit.

Then I found this Voivod video. It’s from their classic DIMENSION HATROSS album.

If you have never heard this song or this band you owe it to yourself to view the entire thing.

If you would like to comment on the video, or are a 40 BANDS! participant or fan and know of any reviewers/publications/etc. that I should mail DVDs to, hit me with specifics and I will follow up.

Have a great day.


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