Need your help with old show photos

Do you have photos or video of old Sean Carnage Monday Night shows you can share with me? I am looking for specific show photos for the venues and dates listed below.

Were you at any of these shows—or know someone who was? I will give you full photographer credit.

If you have photos, please contact me.

Important note: I am NOT looking for generic images of bands and performers. They must be from these specific dates.

Il Corral

Mon 12.19.05 – Bedroom Walls, Buko Pan Guerra, Rich Hyatt short film program
Mon 5.1.06 – I Rape Nick Lachey, Ho-Ag!, HEALTH, Blue Silk Sutures, Toxic Loincloth, Knight Rider
Mon 5.8.06 – A++, Debaser, Sasquatch U.S.A., Hello Fever, Asthmatique
Mon 5.15.06 – William Caruso’s Wet Hot Social Anxiety, The Casual Lust, Wooly Mammoth, John Gake, Devon Williams & the Grunge Gods
Mon 5.22.06 – Master Chef Joshua Ploeg returns! Il Corral Monday night regulars appreciation party featuring Mtn. Home, Shag Tapestry, Holloy
Mon 6.5.06 – Alexis Gideon, Dogme 95, Animental, Bobby Birdman, Faux For Real
Mon 6.12.06 – Cock In Black, Xanaar, Create!, Ninja Academy, Worms
Mon 6.19.06 – Books On Tape, The Pope, Dog Shit Taco, Bavab Bavab, Anchors For Architects, Prayer Partner
Mon 6.26.06 – Visit Me In The Frozen Torso Heap, The Amazements, Camarillo Blues Triangle, Nosaj Thing
Mon 7.3.06 – Robin Williams On Fire, Rib Bib, Macka, A++, Faux For Real, Your Mother’s Lover, Under Mountains, DJ Kyle H. Mabson
Mon 7.10.06 – Nilbog, Creekbird, Vodka Had Russia, William Carusos Wet Hot Social Anxiety, Happy Hollows
Mon 7.17.06 – A++, Parenthetical Girls, Reindeer Tiger Team, Color Wheel, Lovetongueattack, Moothart
Mon 7.24.06 – Pretty Thigh, HEALTH, Sea Org, Asthmatique, Foot Foot
Mon 8.7.06 – Family Underground, Quintana Roo, Damion Romero, William C. Harrington, Brother Mitya, PMP-Disk
Mon 8.14.06 – Anavan, Toecutter, Ettrick, Oaxacan, Knight Rider, Ora Cogan
Mon 8.21.06 – The Punks, PoPoMusic, 60 Watt Kid, Holy Curtain, Books On Tape
Mon 9.18.06 – Barr, Elphaba, The Assailant, Deep Jew, Powdered Wigs vs. Chariots Of Fire
Mon 9.25.06 – Alexis Gideon, Shelley Short, Bacon Tears Up Business, Poingly
Mon 10.2.06 – The Amazements, Knight Rider, Ex-Oblivione, Rumspringa


Mon 5.11.09 – Sean Carnage & Peter’s Pool Boys present Anavan, Flaspar, BIRTH!, Kylie Mabson, Fortress of Amplitude
Mon 5.25.09 – Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk, Alexis Gideon, Shelley Short, Queen Victoria
Mon 5.14.12 – Signals, Batwings Catwings, Stripper Pussy, Tremellow, Kid Infinity new “Swimming Lessons” music video premiere in 3D
Tue 5.15.12 – Sean Carnage presents Max Payne 3 soundtrack release party featuring the music of HEALTH plus DJs Brian Tarney, Remy Marc, and Kyle H. Mabson
Mon 5.21.12 – Precious, Skull Kiss, DJ Marijuana Weed, Mantle Sound Core, Footwurk Homicide
Mon 8.6.12 – Andy the Doorbum, Big Sexy, Stab City, Doses
Mon 9.3.12 – So Many Wizards, Pangea, Peter Pants, Wide Streets
Mon 11.25.13 – Vortal Curb, Lotoball, Scrapies, Deadpanzies, Lilacs, Chrysanthe O, DJ Crasslos
Mon 12.16.13 – Federation X, Sons Of The Bitch, Select Sex, Church of Sun
Sat 9.6.14 – VJ Wes and Sean Carnage present The Imaginary Order featuring Intimatchine, Ghost Noise, FeeLa, VJ Wes
Sat 10.18.14 – Sean Carnage presents Corima, Innerds, Atomic Ape, Prettiest Eyes

The Smell

Sun 5.10.09 – Peter’s Pool Boys, Sean Carnage & Kyle H. Mabson present Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, Height, Vampire Pussy, Dwarf Pluto

Why do I want these photos? These were crucial events not just for us and our friends but also important milestones for the Los Angeles underground music scene and the 21st century D.I.Y. movement in general.

Why don’t I have photos for these shows? Most were lost to a catastrophic hard drive failure in 2006 when I was making 40 Bands / 80 Minutes! . The other missing photos I can’t explain. Broken cameras? Sketchy tech? Wasted hijinx? All of the above I’m afraid.

After hosting 470 shows and documenting hundreds more, some images seem to have gotten lost. Perhaps you have them?

Contact me if you have photos of the shows

Check out the complete Sean Carnage Monday Nights & related shows list

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