Monday re-cap: The night we rocked

It’s been a hot minute since I hosted so many full-on rock bands, so this past Monday was a return to my roots.

Two of the bands—Rare Grooves and Real Noriegas—were new groupings of classic L.A. bros (former members of the Widow Babies and the Amazements, respectively).

Add to that leather-clad visitors from Glasgow and a DJ tag team who weren’t afraid to lay down classic jams and then blow them to bits with airhorns, and you got yourself a party…

Hello My Name Is Red totally went for it (as usual) and defined the parameters of the show: hot and rockin’.

Look at all those wrist bands! Mikhai Tran and I are still crotcheting a different color wrist band for every Monday show. If yours need updating, maybe you should visit us…

The Real Noriegas are Brendan and Liam Morrison from the Amazements. They remind me of a punk update of the Electric Prunes with a Neu! fetish or something.

DJs Vice Cooler and Kyle Mabson cut loose…up in the air style.

Rare Grooves impressed everyone. Whew. Very high energy!

The Fangs picked up where ye olde Anavan left off—which is not a bad place to start: synth punk fully tricked out for the 21st century.


And don’t miss this Monday’s show:

Monday, April 12th

Nuexpe (Japan)
The Seizure
NaNa & the Happy Cats

9:30pm / $5 / all-ages

Pehrspace—325 Glendale Blvd., in Echo Park

See you there!

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