Monday re-cap: Space Punk 2,000,010 mission success!

“Space punk”—my friends in the band Red Giant coined the term. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

But if you needed proof of the genre’s aesthetic worthiness you should have been at Pehr on Monday night. NASA Space Universe, Shearing Pinx, Nu Sensae, Bad Party, Penalty Box and Saturn grafted the “URGH!” of punk onto the “VROOM!” of space rock and we all got transported to another galaxy billions of beers away.

Photos: Sean Carnage

Penalty Box debuted at Space Punk 2,000,010 and it was pretty rad. Singer Jillian was performing for the very first time EVER and that was exciting. She was a natural—her stratospherically high vocals worked perfectly with the brutal keyboard and death metal attack underneath. It was kind of like a cross between Melt Banana and Today is the Day-era Today is the Day. Gnarly.

Bad Party is from one of the most depressed towns in America, Detroit, Michigan. Their music sounds exactly as happy as you’d expect it to be, i.e., not chipper at all.

I really loved these guys. They used simple repetitive basslines, pummeling drum programs and the most electric vocalist I’ve heard in awhile to force the crowd to react. And react they did—enthusiastically.

Oh man I had forgotten how total it is when you get rocked by Nu Sensae. The duo cut loose right as the biggest part of the crowd arrived and they made the show sound like the coolest place on earth. Too bad this planet is slated to be destroyed! I suspect these two will make it to the Battlestar.

Shearing Pinx‘s drummer celebrated a birthday. The audience celebrated the most cerebrally stimulating outsider prog since the Melvins. Shearing Pinx are so fucking punk, they will play a long fakeout ending part on their last song until every last attendee is either: moshing, tripping, or permanently confused. Me likey.

Here’s everyone preparing for NASA Space Universe. Didn’t you know aluminum foil hats are the only way to protect your cerebellum from the coming sonic apocalypse?

Here’s NASA Space Universe blasting off. To say this band is on fire is an understatement.

RSVP now for their big show with XBXRX, Gay Best, Sister Fucker & a bunch of gay leather daddies

You can’t circumnavigate the cosmos without colliding with some space junk—or a chunk of Saturn! These guys were pretty great and we ended the night as we began with maniacal, fuzzy synthesizers.

Thank you to all of YOU for attending. We do this every Monday, and I’d love to see you all again—you were a fabulous audience.

See the complete Space Punk 2,000,010 photos here

And don’t miss this Monday, June 28th:

Sean Carnage presents…

Cold Mold (Hot Springs, Arkansas)
Fuckass & the Grease Patrol
Treasure Mammal
Jamuel Saxon

Starts 9:30pm / $5 / all-ages

Pehrspace—325 Glendale Blvd., in Historic Filipinotown

See you there?

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