Photos: Monday test run with Eon Mckai’s Kill Girl Kill 2, DJ Don Bolles, Buff Monster & more at Il Corral

Monday, July 25, 2005 was a test run for the Sean Carnage Monday Nights concert series—and a huge success!

I was working at Hustler and VCA Video at the time. So before I brought bands into this new, untested (by me) space—Il Corral—I held a premiere party for an arty “Alt porn” that myself and booking partner Jon had worked on behind the scenes (with production, wardrobe, etc.)

Pretty much the entire cast and crew of director Eon Mckai’s Kill Girl Kill 2 showed up: Yumi, Justine Joli, Zoe Matthews, Deja Dare, Jade Starr, James Deen, Rob Rotten, Justin Syder, Jezebelle Bond, Malachi Ecks, Molly Tissavary, Margie Schnibbe, Alaska, and Alice Suicide.

I was working at Hustler with Extra von NotHaus (his dad Bernard von NotHaus is a Hawaii-based cryptocurrency pioneer and so-called domestic terrorist—worth investigating) who introduced me to his brother, Random von NotHaus who was just getting started as an internationally-known graffiti artists, Buff Monster. I connected Buff Monster with Eon and he created a set for the video which showcased his one-of-a-kind titty-bubble creatures.

Buff Monster showed some videos at the party too, in addition to hanging some art.

DJ Don Bolles provided the music. Hustler/VCA sprang for the free booze. The girls from the cast bartended and made a ton of $$ which put us in good stead with the Il Corral folks right away.

After this night, I knew Monday Nights would work as a concept, and they could thrive at Il Corral. The following week we got started in earnest—the rest is history.

Gram Ponante Alaska

Porn industry writer, Gram Ponante, and Alaska, aka Jesse Lee Stout—who later did the titles for 40 Bands / 80 Minutes!

Don Bolles

DJ Don Bolles & friend.

Erich Orser Escarpment

Erich and friends from the Escarpment production facility.

James Deen

Our brand new discovery, James Deen, who had just turned 18—and was already becoming a major star.

Zoe Matthews porn

Porn star Zoe Matthews.

Porn star Jezebelle Bond

Porn star Jezebelle Bond kickin’ back.

Random von NotHaus Buff Monster

Random von NotHaus aka graffiti artist Buff Monster.

Alt-porn producer Malachi Ecks

Alt-porn producer Malachi Ecks.

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