Major news about this Monday’s show—please read carefully

Hello Monday Night friends and supporters-

I was informed at 3:30pm yesterday (Friday) that the local councilperson in Echo Park is threatening to shut down Pehrspace. He sent the cops (who were extremely polite) to the space to tell us this.

Why or how this shutdown would happen is unclear, but you can bet that I will be calling his office at 9am Monday morning. There was just no time to do anything about this yesterday afternoon.

Nothing is for certain with Pehr but, as a “cooling down” measure, this Monday’s show—and all other weekday Pehr shows—will be moved.

This Monday’s show featuring Kyle H. Mabson’s return will be held at Women (1852 Crenshaw—thanks to Eva, Lara, Ajax, Chris, Tierra, Natalie, Sean, Cole, and Chris P.). Show starts times / admission / etc. remain the same as always. I hope you can join us there.

This is very  emotional matter for me, and it may be for you, too, so I ask that you read this carefully and understand that: 1) this is a temporary situation, 2) Pehrspace is not closing, 3) we are gonna find out more info and if necessary, fight the power.

No Monday shows are cancelled.

If we have to move the summer shows, we will do so. We’ve done it before. All the other alternative space owners in Los Angeles have already pledged their support, so no bands or performers or showgoers will be short-changed.

I will have more info this week.

In the meantime, I’d be interested in hearing anything about replacement spaces, government connections, etc. etc.

I also ask you for your support so we can make Kyle’s return this Monday the best it can be…And then we’ll go from there.

Much much love,

-Sean C.

This Monday, June 1st
Sean Carnage presents…

Kyle Mabson: The Return
Knight Rider
The 333 Boyz
Best Band Ever
Copy Lake (from SF)

Starts 9:30pm/ $5 / all-ages

Women—1852 Crenshaw Blvd., in Los Angeles



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  1. Jordan

    When will the city gov. of LA realize that it’s your type of events that make LA special and will continue to put our city on the forefront of entertainment and art! RESPECT!

  2. mathew adam ward

    PLEASE try your hardest to NOT move Pehrspace anywhere. That space is so amazing and so special. Then again, Largo moved recently didnt they? And from what I hear everyone is loving it. But everyone loves Pehrspace. We have your back.

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