The sounds of L.A. Lottery League

In February 2011, four dozen Los Angeles musicians came together to create twelve new quartets at random. The only requirement was that they could not be in a band with anyone they had played with before. Each of the new quartets had four weeks to prepare a 10 minute set of original material. All the bands rose to the task and performed at the triumphant Big Show.

Now, the studio recordings by these bands can finally be heard.

In celebration of their effort, local producer D. Bene Tleilax of The Tleilaxu Music Machine has created a unique “mushup” of all the bands’ music. You can listen to them all together, or separately. It’s your choice.

Thank you very much to all the Lottery League participants, the Council of Chiefs, Jae Kristoff & Cleveland, D. Bene Tleilax (who invented the wonderful 12 band mushup), and everyone who attended the Big Show.


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