Listen: No Wave icon Lydia Lunch & Sean Carnage talk music, sex and life on the underground scene

It’s not often one gets the chance to spill the ol’ guts to a legend. So when Lydia Lunch calls, that’s a big freaking deal.

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Lydia Lunch & Tim Dahl performing in Retrovirus.

Lydia, if you don’t know, is an icon of punk rock, an inventor of No Wave, an underground film classic actress, lead performer on Sonic Youth’s only good song (I will fight you on this), planet Earth’s loudest and most-outspoken spoken word artist and—this is no exaggeration—the leader of the last and best underground band currently rocking, Retrovirus, which features the inimitable guitar of Weasel Walter (of the Flying Luttenbachers), drummer Bob Bert (Sonic Youth, Chrome Cranks, Pussy Galore, Bewitched) and bassist Tim Dahl (of Sean Carnage concert performers Child Abuse).

As if this wasn’t enough, Lydia Lunch is pro-level talk radio personality with a killer podcast, The Lydian Spin. Co-starring her mensch bandmate Tim, Lunch nabs star guest after star guest… which left me a little confused about why she hit me up!

But here we are—we don’t hold anything back. You can’t with Lydia. Punk, U.S. Rocker, sex, Hustler, Larry Flynt, Erie, Cleveland, Los Angeles, rock ‘n roll, Nondor, Bolles, D.I.Y., gay stuff, drugs, recovery, redemption—it’s all in there.

Listen to Sean Carnage on The Lydian Spin with Lydia Lunch & Tim Dahl

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Official episode description from The Lydian Spin podcast website:

Sean Carnage is a big fan of rock, noise concerts, art, gay stuff and technology. In fact, over the past 40 plus years he has been either a promoter, writer, publisher, filmmaker, archivist and all around enthusiastic participant of all of the above. Sean Carnage Monday Nights Los Angeles DIY Punk

In the 1990s in Cleveland Ohio Sean teamed up with his friend Brenda Mullen and published U.S. Rocker Magazine. He and Brenda built the magazine over a decade into Northeast Ohio’s number 1 free underground music magazine.

In the early 2000s, on the advice of Nandor Nevai, Sean moved to Los Angeles where he worked as an assistant to Larry Flynt. After working for Mr. Flynt, Sean continued to promote avant-garde acts throughout Los Angeles. He also became a producer of The Queer Edge with Jack E. Jett & Sandra Bernhard  , which aired on the pioneering Queer Television Network.

If that is not enough, Sean helped invent a whole genre of pornography(Alt Porn) and filmed 29 mini documentaries, one of which featuring Ronnie James Dio goes viral and racks up millions of views on YouTube.

I’ve said it before:

When I die I’ll be remembered for only two things.

Well, now maybe it will be… three?

Many thanks to Weasel Walter for the hookup. All the thanks to Lydia and Tim and producer Simon Slater for the great convo.

Watch for Lydia in Los Angeles late this November (details TBD).

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