Legends in the game Distorted Pony reunite on KXLU today

Here’s some vintage Carnage for you: When I arrived in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1990 I immediately met some interesting people like Jen Sed, a very stunning flame-haired artist in one of my classes at school. She was too cool. She showed me where the cheap and decent places to drink, eat and listen to music were, and she turned me onto bands that became iconic to me. Harsh ‘n beautiful new groups like Helmet (she took me to one of their earliest shows), Coil, and this weird L.A. band called Distorted Pony. Their album cover was so stark and gorgeous (in a grungy way—you can see it above). The tunes were abrupt, minimal, noisy, and rock—hallmarks of everything I’ve loved since.

Jen and I both played Distorted Pony on WRUW-FM back in the day. I never ever thought I’d see them live.

What I didn’t know back then is that Distorted Pony were all KXLU-FM DJs. And they are regrouping to play on Demolisten from 6-8pm today!

Host Fred Kiko will be interviewing them. The band will also play live (listen here).

I will be there assisting Fred with the new tunes and just generally in awe of this rad band, my old idols. I can’t wait!

Distorted Pony's official 1993 Trance Syndicate press photo

Here’s a brief Distorted Pony primer from Trouser Press:

The incessant ranting and lurching rhythms of Distorted Pony could throw even the most seasoned noise rider. Topped with tortured vocals, plus a Cop Shoot Cop-like assault on metal sheets and trashcans, the Los Angeles band spit a paralyzing quart of venom with every note. The focal point of Distorted Pony (which formed in 1986 and called it quits in ’93) was Dora Jahr’s seething bass and the mix of screeching guitars from David U and Robert Hammer, creating a din that most resembled the Big Black caterwaul of sound. Not surprisingly, Steve Albini was behind the production board on both Pony albums…

Distorted Pony back in the ol’ days, rocking out.

Distorted Pony now (I really adore Luis Molina‘s Echo Curio montage video!).

Listen & WATCH Demolisten 6-8pm Fridays here

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