Kiss & tell: Ace Diamond meets Lemmy on Vh1’s “That Metal Show”

Hello everyone, my name is Ace Diamond from the band Ace Diamond Experience. Recently, I had the chance to do something cool and Sean Carnage asked me if I would share with all of you my experience.

Well, on Wednesday, March 14th, 2012, some friends and I went to Sunset/Gower Studios in the heart of Hollywood, CA, for taping of season 10, episodes 4 and 5 of That Metal Show. At 11pm you can watch the one with me and Lemmy from Motorhead.

My friends and I left from Yucaipa about 8am for the long drive to Hollywood. Now, some of you reading this might be asking yourself, “Where the fuck is Yucaipa?” well, the answer is, about 100 miles northeast of Los Angeles. It’s off of I-10 in the San Gorgonio pass region. In other words, the I.E. near Big Bear, on the way to Palm Springs. Most folks drive right through and don’t even notice it is there.

Okay, so, we arrived at Sunset/Gower Studios around 11am and we went across the street to Denny’s for breakfast. Yes, the waitress made the mistake of thinking I was a woman what with my long hair and all. I had just had my once a month shave, and I was wearing my studded leather vest you all know me for always wearing. As we left Denny’s, other folks for the show started coming in. So, we walked back across the street and stood at the door we were intstructed to wait at.

Sorry, RJD, but we were first in line, not last!

Not to worry, plenty of folks showed up shortly, and everyone was in a generally good mood. Several of the folks and I were cracking jokes and swapping war stories. Maxx Cruz and his buddy Justin from Utah were there, and extremely hungover. Justin had the worst of it. Then there was Joe Bagnato, from Pittsburgh, PA. Hell of a guy, Joe is.

So, after waiting in line for a few hours, staff came out and checked us all in, and gave us all black wrist bands. we went through security checks even more stringent than at the airport, and when we got in, they sat my friends and I in the “Blackout Section.” This is a section of folding chairs off to the side and off camera. As we sat in the very front row of this section, we saw a great view of the camera crew’s backsides. Shit view. Cool part was, the had Iron Maiden blast on the P.A., and I was singing my head off. Adrian Smith, guitarist for Iron Maiden, was standing a few feet away listening to me sing his bands’ music with a smile on his face. so, Michael Schenker was the guest guitarist the whole day. Fucking cool.

[This  first episode we taped just aired last Saturday, and I can be heard shouting out a few times “Seventh Son!” during the TMS top 5 Iron Maiden albums, and “The Trooper” during the throwdown. I can also be heard during top 5 final list voicing my vote for Killers in the #1 spot. Joey Bagnato and I are the only ones who voiced support for Piece Of Mind during the throwdown.]

Moving on. So there was a 20 minute break. Everyone went outside, and then had to do the security thing again going back in. So, my friends still had to sit in the blackout section again, but Joey Bagnato and I got to sit in the bleachers.

I said to Michael Schenker during the break, “You kicked ass in Yucaipa!” I did that for my buddy Juice in Wisconsin who saw MSG with me in Yucaipa in 2009. He’s a Michael Schenker nut!

Watch Ace Diamond’s top Motorhead songs

The staff gave Joey and I cue cards to memorize. We got to ask lemmy the questions on those cards. I still have mine. When they had us go backstage during a break in the taping, a couple guys from Warrant and Steven Adler were back there hangin out. I had the chance to shoot the shit with Steven. He looks very healthy and full of life. I told him how I was supposed to open for his band, Adler’s Appetite, in 2004 at Shooters in Hemet, a biker bar in the Inland Empire, and he cancelled because he was high or in jail. He actually apologized and was asking me all about my band until the TMS staff broke it up.

Oh, a side note…….Jason Newsted was supposed to be there and he cancelled, so the guitarist from Warrant, whose high end guitar shop, Wild West Guitars, here in Riverside, CA, is about five blocks away from my home where I am writing this. He brought the new singer along with him. I’ve met said guitarist many times before. nice guy. I’m bad with names, and I cannot for the life of me remember his name. Anyway, so, six of us took our turns asking Lemmy…..I went last! The funny part is, the other five went by so quick. Then i came out for my turn, and stood there waiting a while.  Eddie Trunk went on like I wasn’t even there. Someone had to tell him there was one more question for Lemmy. So, I asked Lemmy, “Have you ever used any bass other than a Rickenbacher? The answer: ‘Yes.’ It was called a “Hoff”, not to be confused with a “Hofner” Viola bass, which is better known as a “Beatle Bass,” because that is what Sir Paul McCartney played.

My best guess is, that my “Ask Lemmy” bit will wind up on the cutting room floor somewhere, but not the part where Jim Florentine pointed me out and called me “OZZY”! Of course, the Warrant guitarist remembered me when he came out and he came over and shook my hand and said, “Hey Ozzy” jokingly. During “TMS Top 5,” I can be heard voicing my vote for Machine Head. I didn’t get to stump the trunk during the taping, so I asked Eddie Trunk my question after the taping was done.

Folks, I am very proud to report that I, Ace Diamond, have stumped Eddie Trunk on a KISS question.

Remember, Ed claims nobody can stump him on KISS. Well, I did. The question was, “According to producer Michael James Jackson, who played the guitar solos on the songs ‘Creatures of the Night,’ ‘Danger,’ and ‘I Still Love You’?” The answer is 1.Steve Ferris for “Creatures,” 2.Bob Kulick for “Danger” (Bob is the older brother of guitarist Bruce Kulick, and Bob played on 4 songs on the kiss Killers compilation in 1982 as well as 4 of the 5 songs on side 4 of Kiss Alive 2, the studio side. He had actually auditioned to be the lead guitarist when the band first got together in 1972! He lost the job to Ace Frehley. Bruce Kulick played lead guitar in Kiss 1984-1995.)

Anywho, as folks were leaving, everyone got handed a “That Metal Show” t-shirt either in black or grey. I went back in and got Eddie Trunk and Jim Florentine to autograph my TMS black shirt. Don Jamieson was already gone, so I missed getting him to sign it. Oh well. I did give Joey and Eddie Trunk each a copy of my new CD, Ace Diamond Experience – Pontifically Defecating at The Blackened Heart Buffet. It is my fifth album. It kicks ass, and if you do not already have it, you should! Hell, you should have all five of my albums!

For the after party, my friends and I took Joey with us to the sunset strip. We went to the Rainbow and hungout for a while hoping Lemmy would show up. Around 11PM, we called it a day. We gave Joey a lift to his hotel, then we went home to Yucaipa. We got home around 3AM…the start of the witching hour!

So, the Lemmy episode airs tonight on Vh1 Classic. Tune in and enjoy, and I hope to see you this summer on tour. I hope you enjoy the show. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Take care.

Watch Ace Diamond on Vh1’s That Metal Show, debuting tonight, Saturday, April 28 at 11pm

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