The scariest best video I have ever seen

Ooh this is an exciting development. Health and Eric Wareheim collaborating on a video.

Health’s “Die Slow” video was one of the the best videos of 2009. It was like Salo for club kids, Abu Ghraib for the American Apparel set.

The other best video of 2009 was by Eric Wareheim for Depeche Mode and involved tons of cute youngsters and sloppy open-mouthed kissing.

Now, the two camps have joined forces to visualize Health’s “We Are Water” in a video that blends both aforementioned aesthetics.

The scenario: a little girl is chased through the forest by a machete wielding psycho…Will she survive?


Video after the jump. Keep reading.

Here’s Health’s new video:

I love how the music and the action are synched (like when the girl screams).

Here’s that 2009 Health vid I was telling you about:

And here’s Eric Wareheim’s controversial (for Depeche Mode fans) 2009 masterpiece:

This new Health/Wareheim collabo is a provocative blend of the two concepts, don’t you think?

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