Watch: The International Noise Conference L.A. 2010 documentary

Life is worth living with events like the International Noise Conference tour.

Tour organizers Rat Bastard and the Laundry Room Squelchers rolled into Women house in Los Angeles around 7pm.  Me and my boyfriend rode our bikes to the show, which was something we had never done before. We grilled food and hung with so many amazing friends…heavenly.

There were so many women at Women too! They say that way back when, L.A. punk began with girls and gays… Then the noise began and I knew I had to make a movie about it all.

Thanks so much for your patience and for being in my life! I’m really proud of this video. I hope you share it with friends if you like it.

Support Women house—Japanther plays Friday, April 30

Support Laundry Room Squelchers & the I.N.C.

Watch Carnage videos #1 (Captain Ahab) and #2 (Tubby Boots) now!

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See The I.N.C. L.A. 2010 photos

Thanks so much to everyone who let me video them, Women house, Mikhai Tran, and everyone who gave such great feedback at the Pehrspace test screening (like, on the laptop screen LOL).

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