Independence Festival in the desert Saturday night

I have always idolized old-time Cali bands like Kyuss and their “generator parties”—insane concerts held deep in the desert. That’s the legend we heard about in Ohio anyhow. Now I’m actually going to go to a desert rave. And so can you. Why not? Have fun ‘n do it.

Co-organizer Sean Pineda says, “We wanted to do this for all the people who were there for the first couple shows out in the desert and also for the people who used to go to all the Silencio shows back in the day in Pomona and Upland. Thats why it’s free. It’s for our little niche of people who have been working hard, playing lots of shows and putting music out.”

I am so excited to be going to my first desert rave. Yeuhhh!!!

And how many events like this have music as cool as Jon Barba? Not too many, methinks.

Here’s more from the event organizers:

“The first time we did this, it was an all nighter, 200+ people, and one hell of an epic night in the desert. A lot of people were bummed out that we didn’t do it last year…So back by popular demand we’re making it happen once again. The word is already spreading, so rest assured it’ll be another magical event. These are the bands we’ve selected to join us, all of whom are friends.”

-Lou, Sean, Juice, Sasha, Margot and Aaron / Independence Festival


7:00pm “Dinner in the Desert” presented by Moses & The Jawas.
8:00pm Stab City
8:30pm Jurassic Harp (members of Voices Voices)
9:00pm Bestial Mouths
9:30pm Son of Cecil
10:00pm Jon Barba (“Sleep” release party!)
10:30pm Halloween Swim Team
11:00pm Voice On Tape
11:30pm Mother of Gut
12:00am So Many Wizards
12:30am I.E.
1:00am Michael Nhat
1:30am Kid Infinity
2:00am Tes Elations
2:30am Batwings Catwings

DJs: R2-D2, Spacer Woman, Margot Padilla (I.E.) + very special guests TBA

Recommended: Carpooling, water, food, blankets, toilet paper, trash bags, you can even bring a tent if you want to, etc…


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