I am selling my LP collection I believe in you so much

Last week I mentioned that I was looking for help with SEANCARNAGE.COM.

Whoa did I get a huge response.

I read each of your emails (FYI there may be some messages that came in after Thursday that I may not have responded to yet..I will get back to you soon). All of you blew up my mind with your smartness, diverse interests, and technical/communication skills. I want to work with every one of you very soon.

But first things first: your emails and calls and comments blew my mind so much, I had a number of revelations and quickly reconfigured my plans based on your input.

This really is much bigger than me or this site.

So the first thing I did was create a new organization: NewMusicArchive.org. (You can go there now—but there isn’t much to see yet.)

The NMA will be a non-profit resource that promotes and preserves modern underground music (and associated photos, fliers, video, etc.) in the format it was created for and intended to be experienced in: digital and on the Web.

I will have more details on this organization soon. Everyone will be invited to contribute. It doesn’t really have anything to do with my personal musical tastes, except that, as organization president, I intend to get things kicked off properly by donating all my files, photos, and memorabilia to the group.

SEANCARNAGE.COM will assist this new organization by publishing interviews, news, features, video, etc. just as it is now but with a few crucial improvements:

• I’m about to add many more SC.COM writers, artists, and contributors.

• I purchased a brand new site design that more clearly indicates who wrote what, and also has separate pages for all the different types of content so that more people can easily access all of this unique and awesome info.

So how to pay for this…

My experiences with benefit shows have been disasters (seems I get booted from venues each time I hold a fundraiser so forgive me for being sour on this concept).

I never mind trading or selling goods or working for money (I think most people would say I’ve been a consistently hard worker my whole life), but asking for handouts…meh. Not for me.

So to cover the initial start-up costs for the New Music Archive (approx. $90), I am selling a part of my massive record collection.

The sale begins tonight and continues throughout October.

All LPs are 50¢-$4.00. There are some incredibly rare and precious items here. I suppose you could re-sell them on eBay and make a fortune. I just want to cover my NMA costs now.

I’m starting the big Sean Carnage record sale tonight at Pehrspace (details at the end of this post).

It’s going to run all month, but the good stuff will undoubtedly go fast.

Like the rare LP (’80s reissue) of Tangerine Dream’s psychedelic noise masterpiece, Electronic Meditation. You can see it above—it’s sitting on a pile of other iconic records that are all selling for $1 ea.

One of the things that makes my collection unique is the vast array of import and alternate language versions of LPs I collected over the years. The ones above are in excellent shape and priced to sell sell sell…

Besides bona fide classic LPs, I have a stock of slightly more recent “indie classics.” Good luck finding this out-of-print (in many cases Touch ‘n Go-manufactured/distributed) vinyl anywhere else!

Not an album fan?

The 12″ 45rpm EP/single is my favorite format of all time, and I have many rare ones.

Some of these have hardly been played—like the Sonic Youth “Kool Thing” 12″ or the many obscure import and indie titles I bought, in many cases, on the very day they were released.

On a tight budget? Ha! Me, too!

So I made sure the 50¢ stack was big and bountiful—and packed with bonuses, like the vintage ’80s full-color Rob Lowe headshot tucked into the Rio sleeve…

Finally, I am also selling my late grandmother’s accordion. It’s a small-sized student model. But it’s gorgeous—made in Germany—and still making decent sounds after 70+ years. It’s for sale as is and only $20.

Here’s the complete price list for the LPs:

Pink sticker = $.50
Orange = $1
Blue = $2
Yellow = $3
Green = $4

All prices are “best offer.”

Spend $25, and get a free $5 admission to an upcoming Sean Carnage Monday Night!

Don’t miss this LP sale starting tonight…

Sean Carnage presents…

11:45 Kevin Blechdom
11:15 Universal Studios Florida
10:40 Byron Westbrook (NYC)
10:10 Wah Wah Exit Wound
9:45 Back to the Future the Ride

Starts 9:30pm / $5 / all-ages

Pehrspace—325 Glendale Blvd., in Historic Filipinotown

RSVP for the event

Add SEANCARNAGE.COM for news, features & more

Art: Corey Fogel

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