Hardcore legend Tony Erba needs your help

Tony Erba is a rock ‘n roll legend. A total ripper.

He’s fronted or played bass in bands like Face Value, 9 Shocks Terror, Gordon Solie Motherfuckers (GSMF), Amps II Eleven, and so many more. Tony was a mainstay at our DIY punk dump, Speak In Tongues, columnist extraordinaire for U.S. Rocker and a union man who’s always fought the good fight.

The dude’s an all-time, all-star pillar of the Cleveland music community. He’s put it on the line for you—for us—time and again.

Now Tony needs your help after his quintuple-bypass surgery.

The GoFundMe fundraiser—set up by (fellow local CLE legends) Laura Demarco and John Petkovic—reads:

For four decades, Tony Erba has been a fixture, an activist and a trail-blazer in the hardcore and punk rock scenes. He’s toured the world and released countless albums and 45s with numerous legendary bands, from 9 Shocks Terror to Cheap Tragedies to Amps to 11 to Face Value. He’s also been a vocal supporter and promoter of bands and people in need, performing numerous shows for others.

Now, Tony is in need of help from his friends. For more than a decade, Tony has dealt with heart problems. The issue recently became life-threatening when he collapsed in his home and was rushed to the hospital for emergency quintuple-bypass heart surgery.

Thankfully, the surgery was successful, but the repercussion are two-fold: Tony is facing massive medical bills and he’s not able to work or draw a salary while he’s recuperating.

There is no time-table for a return to work and, in the meantime, Tony is faced with growing debts resulting from medical bills that won’t be covered by his insurance.

Any amount will help Tony get through this very difficult time.

Thank you for helping Tony — someone who has stepped up to help so many in need. It’s time to step up and help a friend to so many and one the most unique members of our music community.

Give what you can toward Tony Erba’s recovery right here

UPDATE 8pm PT 2.10.22: Fundraising has been paused. Looks like y’er all a bunch of givers, and blew way past the goal in a few hours. Now that’s some love. Get well, Tony!

Here are some choice photos from an upcoming post, chronicling Tony and 9 Shocks’ reign of terror across Southern California twenty years ago:

Tony Erba 9 Shocks Terror GSMF Face Value

One of my favorite snaps of Tony, stoking the mayhem on his classic Rickenbacker, while the rest of 9 Shocks Terror (Kevin Jaworski, Steve Peffer & the late Jim Konya sitting in on drums) picks up the pieces. From the classic Ché Cafe/UCSD concert in 2002. Photo: Carnage.

If Tony, my former roommate and dear friend, hadn’t brought me along as a roadie, I might never has moved to Los Angeles. Tony’s friendship and his actions—not just on this tour—changed my life for the good. Forever.

Tony Erba 9 Shocks Terror GSMF Face Value Jim Konya

Jean Luc Gaudry (Headline Records), Konya, Erba, Kevin Jaworski, Steve Peffer, Jimmy Rose, Carnage & friends at the close of 9 Shocks’ 2002 California tour. More photos & tour diary coming this spring… stay tuned!

Goal is set at $8K. Shit, Let’s blow this thing up, Erba-style. I’m pulling for $30K.

Parma’s greatest natural resource must rise again!

Support Tony’s recovery

Download everything Tony wrote about you jabronies in U.S. Rocker

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