Man machine music: Daniel Francis Doyle at Pehrspace this Monday

I love those stickers that say “Drum machines have soul.” For some reason they remind me of Texan phenom (and one-man band) Daniel Francis Doyle.

“Drum (man)machines have soul.”

Why can’t you program a human? Especially a man who performs like a machine?!

If there’s any living being who could program themselves to play music it’s Dan Doyle. I mean, maybe he messes up—I can’t really tell. He jams drums and loop pedal and vox and guitar/bass all at the same time…It’s a all a bit astounding.

And Dan likes Lady Gaga. And he’s 10lbs fatter than he was on his last visit and not ashamed to admit it. (I feel ya, bro.)

I love this dude.

Photos: Sean Carnage

Daniel Francis Doyle has played quite a few of my Monday Nights. It was Health that originally turned me on to him. He never stops short of totally blowing people away with his soul-liberating one-man music.

Tell us about you.
I am 30. I live in Austin, Texas. I’ve been here for seven years now.

Do you make a living off of music?
I’ve been able to make money from touring, but the opportunity isn’t there for me to tour all of the time. When not hitting the highways, I wait tables—and that job sucks.

How do you motivate yourself to practice when it’s only you? New songs are always a great motivator, but aside from that, it’s always tough to make myself run through a “set.” Every once in a while I can make myself do it if I haven’t played in a while.

Do you set aside time to write and record new music?
I don’t set aside time to write new stuff, I just do it as it happens here and there. I do set aside time to record, when I’m ready to make a record or whatever. I always feel strange recording if it’s not for an album. Which sucks, I’d like to not be that way.

What’s your favorite song on the radio and why?
Maybe that Lady Gaga song about her phone ringing? My interest in that song is mostly credited to the ridiculous dialogue in the video.

Have you ever played in a hip hop group?

What do you think about when you are destroying those drums?
I think about my surroundings. I’m often trying not to look at the people watching. But unless I’m struggling with the tempo of the guitar loop, I’m pretty much just spaced out—it’s usually a blur.

What is your newest release? What can we expect from your Pehrspace show?
I’m still traveling with 2009’s We Bet Our Money On You. I’ll have a two song 7″ out this fall. I’ll be playing the two newer songs and stuff off last year’s release.

What will you be doing that’s new or different since the last time if anything?
I’m playing more and more melodic stuff, I’ve been figuring out how to fit choruses and bridges into my guitar loops. I’m also about 10 pounds heavier.

Describe the perfect show.
I just experienced the perfect show, on April 16th at Death By Audio in Brooklyn. I played with bands I love, at an organized DIY space, to a shit load of enthusiastic people. It was really magical.

Guru or Peter Steele?

Hear/download Daniel Francis Doyle’s “How Can You Work”

Don’t miss this Monday, May 3. It’s just what the flying doctor ordered: a night of electrosensual experimentation!

Sean Carnage presents…

Cockwind (the gay Hawkwind tribute)
Daniel Francis Doyle
Dwyer’s Corneas
Western Popular

Starts 9:30pm / $5 / all-ages

Pehrspace—325 Glendale Blvd., in Historic Filipinotown

Sonic attack in 10…9…8………


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