Juggalo Gathering day 1: Leaving L.A.

Ninjas! We have 4 media passes for the 2011 Gathering of the Juggalos, but only 3 people in the car—’cuz Bitchboys bitched-out on us, yo! WTF? You know who you are!

Who the fuck is we? Two weeks ago we were up in an L.A. garage torturing the shit out of this Bitchboy! But God had bigger plans. We dropped pop pussy fart L.A. to get on some next level shit in Cave-In-Rock, IL. So, here we are: D-tox, LardOG and Kev-In-Rock packed up in a hippie hybrid cross country.

We will be reporting daily to this cyber portal as your live media correspondents at the mutha fuckin’ 12th annual Gathering of the Juggalos!

We don’t know what the fuck is gonna happen… We’ve seen the super sick infomercial for the festival => GOTJ 2011 Infomercial

Jealous ass bitches keep telling us to “watch our backs.” Somethin’ about some bitch (Tila Tequila) gettin pelted with human shit from a port-a-potty (or so she says)… We say, bring it! We know they got mad love for California!

We’re looking for a super fresh 4th Juggalo-journalist to jump in on dis shit. If you’re Down with the Clown and somewhere in between New Mexico and Canada, U betta holla quick! We’re on a mission!

Fools think we are going to a Juggling Festival, like mutha fuckin Puggler the Punk Rock Juggler? Hell no, the only jugglin’ we’re gonna see is a bunch of corndogs gettin’ juggled by some sweet azz cotton candy, nowamean. This ain’t no group hug havin’ ass Burning Man. Booyah!

Nighty night, ninjas!


Each day, return to SEANCARNAGE.COM for exclusive reporting from performer Kevin Blechdom (aka Kev-In-Rock) and her companions D-tox (musician/photographer Dalton Blanco) and LardOG (aka Captain Ahab director Lawrence Klein) as they trek across America to the 12th Gathering of the Juggalos.

Read Day 2’s adventure

Day 3 the team arrives at Juggalo camp

Day 4 & 5 were Hammer time!

Finally—the conclusion to this wild motherfuckin’  adventure

For more photos from Dalton Blanco, go here

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