The clan who fell to Earth

No-Ra & D’on of Fancy Space People are not average aliens. That’s why only a glamorous fellow traveler like Julious Jive could get this exclusive interview. Enjoy. -SC

Julious Jive: Who are the Fancy Space People? And why Earth?
D’on: Well…

No-Ra: They haven’t told us that yet.

D’on: Yeah, they haven’t even told us why.

No-Ra: Or who they are..

D’on: Or anything….. It’s sort of a need to know basis and we apparently don’t need to know very much.

Space is the Place...for skin tight reflective clothing. Photo: Leva Ann.

The Fancy Space People are complex geometrical diamond glistening prismatic overwhelming heaping things that are anthropomorphic, and sometimes take the shape of a human, and who are just kinda fancy.

They have touched us through their surrogates on a few rare occasions. The music and mystic sounds coming from their instruments almost mind-controlling the unexpected virgin ears. They clothe in strange and otherworldly garments that seem to channel the entities who persuade them. Should we trust the erotic hard-edge and stunning ballads of such elusive creatures?  Why are they so provoking and beautiful? Here we have D’on (Bolles) and No-Ra (Keyes) of Fancy Space People providing some insight and light on the band…

D’on: We were a little skeptical at first, they had a lot of compelling reasons, I wanted to live, I didn’t want to wake up in some gas star and wake up on some fire planet. These are just the choices you have to make everyday. They’ve really truly grown on me. It’s a clear choice, now we really like doing this.

Have the entities made it easy on you?
Well there was the arduous March, then followed by the arduous April, the arduous May, the arduous June, the arduous July…

No-Ra: We’re challenged by the aliens so that we can become stronger to test our loyalty and our unity and just the very nature of our inner essence.

D’on: We really hope it’s for a better reason than that, but it’s not. There’s eight of us now, so we’ll see what happens, we’ve been offered a few different tours all very, very different.

What your favorite things about the Fancy Space People?
I just love these crazy DVDs of us. I never even remember most of the things we do but it’s good.

No-Ra: I just love watching the boys put on makeup in their onesies—it’s the cutest!

D’on: It’s not manly to go on stage without makeup.

Where can you find your music?
No-Ra: we don’t support cds the only thing their good for is making rainbows

D’on: We have a 12 inch 45 rpm LP and a digital download form the record company. We might be doing a 7 inch EP with the song “Titan”.

What do you think is the essential thing projected through your music?
D’on: Basically I think its G, A and D and a little bit of E are featured heavily. Perhaps a C and a B thrown in there. We have F in there somewhere too I think!

I heard this is why Billy Corgan refuses to produce you anymore…
D’on: He has all these complicated chords. He’s a secret shredder. Everyone thought it was the other guy on those records that was shredding but it was him. He had an idea for one of our songs and he’d play these chords that we’ve never heard of or seen. He probably charges people thousands for a few moments of his knowledge and were just these sub-Neanderthals. I only know roadie chords.

No-Ra: We only know what the aliens would tell us.

D’on: I work my ass off being glamorous for an alien agenda.

No-Ra: No you like the part about killing everybody…

D’on: There’s nothing like that—let’s get that straight!

No-Ra: Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahah

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