Exclusive video: Sewn Leather at Women house

I’ve shot a few videos at Women house (the International Noise Conference 2010 documentary for example), but last week I captured something really special: electronic punk nomad Sewn Leather.

This guy (real name: Griffin Pyn) is pure dynamism—all motion all the time AND YOU BETTER WATCH OUT.

I kept thinking to myself as I watched him that if this was a different era, he’d be Elvis. Noise Elvis.

I must confess: I don’t know much about Sewn Leather or Griffin. Me and DJ Marijuana Weed did sound for a show he was booked on once. The little bugger—after an hour of holding up the concert and fidgeting with his gear—was like “Fuck it I’m not playing.”

I was never really sure what happened there.

Flash forward to last week and the dude was back in L.A. with Narwhalz of Sound and Max Eisenberg. Griffin was on fire! Like Suicide without the cage, or Elvis if his mama had been a junkie or a robot.

I called on Danimal from Gay Beast for some Sewn Leather background and here’s what he said:

[Griffin Pyn]’s from Kansas City. His backing traxx sound like Fad Gadget. and he raps about being punk, weed and punx smoking weed. He has the word “falafel” tattooed on his knuckles. He puts on a really great live show…And he’s working on a forthcoming gaybeast REMIXXX!

Well there ya go…enjoy!

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