Exclusive: New Foot Village video “Lovers with Iraqis”

To call director Rob Heppell’s political new video shocking is an understatement. It’s straight out of Abu Ghraib—torture, mobs of masked men, forced cross dressing, sexual sadism—every hideous, dark detail of America’s recent shame is re-enacted against the aural backdrop of L.A. band Foot Village’s eight-armed martial beats.

Was this how the group envisioned “Lovers with Iraqis” when they wrote it?

“Not at all,” says FV’s Brian Miller. “For Foot Village, this is as close to a party song as we get. In Rob’s hands, it is one of the most frightening works of art I’ve been attached to in any way. Not to say that he lacks a sense of humor. But making hostages dance to our music is way dark comedy.”

You said it, brother.

Watch Foot Village’s “Lovers with Iraqis” (above)

It’s an incredible video for sure. It’s also an incredible aesthetic leap for director Rob Heppell, who’s magically realistic Back to the Future the Ride video is one of my favorites of the year.

Did Foot Village‘s Brian Miller (who is also in Back to the Future the Ride) tell Heppell to change things up and get controversial?

“No,” says Miller, “Rob definitely shares many of the same political sentiments as I do, but his ability to actualize them into strong and direct statements is definitely out of my own range. The fact that our music is included is an honor. One day Rob will be this huge force in the art world and we’ll just be sloppy drunk in some bar trying to impress people, ‘Heppell made a video for us once.’ Anyway, he does what he wants, and thats for the best.”

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