E3 re-cap: The swag, the fashion, the dranks

Once again, my hats off to Angie and Margot from PrettyCoolLand.com for their great coverage of the world’s largest electronic gaming convention, E3, which exploded all over downtown L.A. last week.

My post about their first day at E3 was super popular—wow!

I was lucky enough to tag along with these multi-talented young ladies last Thursday.


Angie and Margot from PrettyCoolLand had already been at E3 for three days when I got there so they totally knew their way around.

I’m not an E3 virgin like I was last year (read part 1 and part 2 of my E3 2009 coverage). That said, I would like to know: who is your tailor?

For more E3 fashion go here

Besides the costumes I was impressed by the design of the booths. Who gets to keep these critters after E3 is over? I suppose they are recycled into other displays. In any case this guy was cuter and would make a better toy than many of the games being hyped.


Yet another great presentation—I love the hanging fixture. More great costumes on these acrobats too. The funny part was the pile of exhausted gamers slumped on bean bags. After three days they couldn’t give a fuck about sexy ladies.

Old favorites get new chapters…

…and other fun new updates.

The new Mortal Kombat was rad.

See more in the video re-cap here

Every TV show gets a game too.

Here’s Angie as a Sim. She looked really cute with that green diamond and the whole thing made me think that I am being too conservative not wearing head ornaments.

We sat through a rad Lord of the Rings demo (that I wasn’t allowed to film). I thought it was funny how “violent” they kept saying it was gonna be. As if the LOTR was all cuddles and sunshine.

It was great to step outside for some smog, er, air. Look what we discovered: a game that is like Rock Band but makes your guitar into a zombie-killing machine gun. A rock ‘n roll fantasy come to life!

Margot was impressed enough to get a temporary tattoo.

You can see more of this in Angie’s movie about E3

I’m a snob when it comes to technology. I just do not get impressed. This, however, knocked me out: low cost, high-power wi-fi drones that are conrolled form you iPhone or iPod Touch. Note to self: I really need to get into this scene. ‘Cuz I don’t think it’s gonna be long before personal helper/hover drones are common and I want a piece of that action.

Ok back inside. This place looked like a real club. They even made the crowd form a line to get in, and then they got wristbands.

It’s very cool that music games have become so popular. This year, companies bragged how you can, for the first time, plug in real instruments and jam to their games.

Technology like this ensures that there will be great amateur music for decades to come. It’s the best thing that’s happened to pop music since Grunge. No foolin.

Lest vocalists feel left out there is now Rap Star.

People were digging it. But as at most booths, casually dressed pros were in the crowd as ringers. It seems like anyone can do it but of course you can’t without some practice and some talent.

Then there was 3D gaming—that’s why all those dudes are wearing funny glasses and squinting. Excuse me for not being more impressed, but every one of these systems gives me a headache.

Alright here’s the only other thing at E3 that I loved: Invisimals! It’s not 3D but it simulates 3D in a wholly original way by superimposing 3D-like animated animals onto your surroundings. These animals scurry and crawl and are scarily real (you can even pick them up). But only you can see them (through your camera-augmented PSP). It’s like a paranoid speed freak’s worst nightmare. BUGS BUGS BUGS BUGS

Things were starting to get a bit tedious, so we took a break for some Gamer Grub and a run in the hamster wheel. Margot and I got bored waiting and we pretty quickly headed out onto the floor again…

Online games are definitely getting bigger. Nexon was the big company in that arena. How did I know they were big? They had a free bar for the media hidden in the back. Now that’s class.

With all the advanced technology around I longed for something plushy and familiar.

And then as explosively as it began, E3 was done…until next year.

For a visual round-up of all the E3 swag, look here (& be nice to Margot, you could win the whole lot!)

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