Down the rabbit hole with Halloween Swim Team

Halloween Swim Team—Dustin, Jon and Scott—have been among L.A.’s most consistent innovators for years. (They’ve also been heavily involved in the scene with their label How to be a Microwave and doing shows at House of Vermont (R.I.P.)).

Along the way, HST has mastered every form of music they’ve experimented with.

The group apparently began as foul-mouthed hip hop crew (Kyle Mabson stills DJs their cassette occasionally). Then the mutations began. I came in on their fucked-up synth rock, almost screamo-sounding phase. That was cool.

HST kept the ferociousness of their rock experiments but eventually went back to beats and synths and production—and their music has been all the better for it. They’ve been ripping out raging dance epics ever since.

Now Halloween Swim Team is in the process of releasing three EPs. And a very impressive sci-fi video with astronauts, robots and…a bunny wabbit?

Here it is—Halloween Swim Team’s new “Pitch Black” video. It takes a surprise twist near the end—make sure to watch the whole thing.

Hear Halloween Swim Team on KSPC 88.7 FM from 6-8pm this coming Tuesday, August 24th

See them at Sean Carnage Monday Night at Pehrspace on September 13 with Vehicle Blues, Kevin Greenspon & Diamond Catalog

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