DJ Marijuana Weed: How I learned to stop worrying and love the bong

One of the most warped minds—musically and otherwise—to grace Southern California in the past year belongs to 27-year-old Rand Sevilla. He’s been a Stress Ape and a DJ, he runs what could be the most visually inspired blog on the web, Deep Pentagon.

Monday Night is his last evening in Los Angeles for awhile. I asked him how long he had been making music and art. Sevilla replied, “It’s probably better to ask  ‘How long have you been trying to get attention while avoiding reality?'”

Feels ya, brah.

Rand Sevilla is DJ Marijuana Weed. Don’t miss tonight’s Pehr show!

DJ Marijuana Weed could be the best name ever. What are some of your other aliases, Rand?
Ran, Randy, Randylan, Rand-o-rama,, Pansit, Hanzibel Yuqot, Kappital Ledders, Gut Rehab, Howd You Get In Here?, Mr. No means Yes

How long have you been making music and art?
I just found the Casio Jams tape I made when I was 11 but I was drawing and making stupid Lego buildings before that. So I guess the answer is ever since I came out my Mom.

How would you describe your aesthetic?
I like to think of it as the thin line between sublime banality and grotesque consumerism (did I mention I went to art school?). I try to tap into hidden contradictions. I like bad decisions because that is where new ideas come from. If I see something that makes me cringe or gasp I try and extract that essence but stylize it as well. I have to compete with so much inane media that I just gave in and decided to try and out-stupify communication channels with stolen software and self-deprecation.

I’m not the only one who’s seen your Tweets. Tell us—what Deep Pentagon is all about?
According to my account only 194 people follow @thatrandguy. If we apply account activity stats that means about 19 people have seen the tweets. Deep Pentagon is a tumblog (google it) and I use it to share and document images for reference. Its linked to my and Hootsuite accounts so I can’t figure out how to take away the double posting on Facebook. I used to do social media design for a PR firm and so a lot of what you have seen recently is experimental for me. Right now I’m trying to figure out content aggregation via Yahoo pipes.

What’s DJ Marijuana Weed’s musical style?
KuKuKuduro, Smothered, Chopped and Wonked, Wobble Step and Progressive Nana. Only False Metal.

Why and when did you come to Southern California?
At the beginning of 2009 our band Stress Ape went on a long tour and I came back to Oakland with no money so I had to live with my parents in Orange County until the next tour, which we just finished. I’m going back to Chicago because I ran away from some bullshit and I need to go back and have proper goodbyes with the people I love. I have a lot of resources still plugged in and I need to pull that if Im going to kick it L.A. I’m also going to help Rotten Milk put on Bitchpork X, an alt festy to Pitchfork. I don’t think I can survive another midwest winter. That’s suicide season.

What are your favorite songs now and why? Right now I’m really into Nanchang Nancy & Prok & Fitch‘s “Walk With Me (Axwell vs. Daddy’s Groove Remix).” Its gonna be my summer anthem. It’s got deep piano riff and the song is mostly a build up. The whole NGUZUNGUZU 5-song EP is just too future to handle and I expect cats to copy their style in the coming months. The new Das Glow track is really bridging the noise-techno worlds, and I also find myself singing the lap band “1 800 Get Slim” song.

Ooh I ove that jam. What are your future musical and artistic plans?
In Chicago TMTMTMBY and I are gonna make music and deejay together as MOODRING. I have a reverb laden psy-trance without kick drums project called Hanzibel Yuqot that should spring to the forefront come December. I’ll have studio space in the Chi so I will definitely start making sculptures again. Basically I keep doing what Ive always done and convince people I should get paid for it.

What strains give the best highs?
The Andromeda Strain

Rand Sevilla’s top YouTubes god would watch while snorting Ketamine off my engorged self-promotion:

Seinfeld: A XXX Parody Trailer
Eyeore performs the Law & Order Theme
Spanish Live Action Simpsons
Blue Movie by Aaron Sondheim
Hanzibel Yuqot: Bad Skin
Fantasy by Vincent Collins
Bitchpork ’09 promo
The Crystal Initiative
Sam’s Club Novel trailer

Don’t miss this Monday’s show!

400 Cloaks (Baltimore)
Let Go Of The Rail
Güf Trüp
Slime Queen

+ DJ Marijuana Weed

Starts 9:30pm / $5 / all-ages

Pehrspace—325 Glendale Blvd., in Historic Filipinotown

**I will be filming Whitman for an upcoming video. If you have an HD camera and want to be part of the video crew, bring your cam and meet me at Pehrspace. I will let you in for free if you video the show with me.

See you there?

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