Did anyone see Doctor Who last night?

Okay I am officially addicted to the new Doctor Who.

In case you haven’t seen the new series, it’s on SciFi Network Friday nights.

Last season (season one), the Doctor was portrayed by Christopher Eccleston, who is a fantastic actor.

This season, the Time Lord has regenerated (as is the custom on the Doctor’s home world of Gallifrey). He’s now played by actor David Tennant.

I’m still getting used to Tennant but so far I really like him. Here’s a video of the transformation from Ninth Doctor to Tenth Doctor along with that incredible Doctor Who theme music:

Last night’s episode “The Girl In The Fireplace” was so creepy and excellent! It was about a robotic 51st Century space station that preys on Madame de Pompadour (French King Louis XV’s lover) in the 18th Century!! Go here for more (WARNING: spoilers).

Look here: footage from last night’s episode

Executive producer Russell T. Davies deserves praise for re-vamping and re-starting this inspiring series.

You may remember that Davies created Queer as Folk a few years back. Apparently, Davies got his start as a teen scriptwriter back in the mid-1970s and actually wrote treatments for Doctor Who.

The new Doctor Who has queer overtones and now I wanna see those old Doctor Who series again because I’m wondering, was the Doctor gay all along!?

Anyhow, Davies preserved the acerbic banter and the morally messy story lines of the Doctor Who that I was obsessed with in 1980-1983. Back then, WQLN in Erie, PA endlessly re-ran the Fourth Doctor Who series, which featured Tom Baker.

Doctor Who was hacked by our local PBS affiliate into 15-minute chunks and sandwiched with the Farm Report into a half-hour timeslot! (The Doctor and I have come a long way.)

The original Doctor Who music was created by Ron Grainier. But it is Delia Derbyshire that makes it work.

Anybody remember KLF, aka The Timelords?

They had a #1 hit in the UK for like a year or something with “Doctorin’ The Tardis.” They mixed the classic Doctor Who/Delia Derbyshire theme music with Sweet and Gary Glitter samples. Glitter’s not in the video THANK GOD. His hair always freaked me out. I prefer Daleks:

Of course, many remember KLF like this… Justified Ancients of Mu Mu-style (featuring Tammy Winette). Can you believe the song below was a huge hit in 1991?

More strangeness: This Monday, Abe Vigoda rocks Il Corral! Show starts 9:30pm/$5. With Teething, The Pope, National Sunday Law & Sea Beasts.




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  1. Militia

    Shut the FUCK UP!!!! We are so Dr. Who CRAZEEEEE!!! Tom Baker (who is also showing up in Monarch of the Glen) is my personal fav (it is an easy one but true). And, I am sure that is totally influenced by the 6:30PM WQLN showings. However, I will take any of them in a pinch. Best pinball game EVER (close follow by Pinbot). We started to watch the NEW Dr. Who last year when we had cable (boo-hiss-cable). He stands the test but is almost too Metrosex for me. We are in the process of watching the Keys esisodes in order (I think five total). Now that Mommy can’t drive for 2 weeks, Netflix has them all queued. Our friend, Josiah has a question mark knit vest and two hearts tattooed on his gut… he is hardcore. I gave his son a Daleks LP for his first birthday. Some people give savings bonds, I give the gift of time lords. Your mind never lets me down, Sean. And, it is only more proof of the clothe from which we were both cut! Plus, I guess it is now not too hard to see why a girl like me can believe she’s from Orion’s Belt.

  2. Militia

    Oh, shit. I forgot… if you watch the back-logs, be sure to check out the extras footage on the DVDs. They go through tons of production documentation and interviews! Whether it be visual or audio, it is all superb!

  3. aileen

    the KLF is pure genius! strange to come across this… I have been obsessed with them lately.

    plus they’ve been playing Dr. Who radio shows on KUCI 88.9fm in Irvine. sweet!

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