Crazy messy fun: Leah Peah debuts at Sancho

Band name: Leah Peah

Place of origin: Virginia

Upcoming shows:
L.A.’s Got Talent Opening Night at Sancho, Thursday, Aug. 4 at 7pm. It’s free.

Do you have anything special planned for your debut L.A. show?
I might play sober, but that’s a BIG might.

 You've never heard or seen noise like this...

Super messy super fun: Leah Peah survives another performance.

Hey, Leah—you are in Head Molt and you have a solo project, do you use these two different working situations to do different things or is it pretty much two sides of the same coin?
Depends, Leah Peah is indeed one half of Head Molt and people who have seen Head Molt live will be able to tell. Leah Peah can at times have tendencies to be more corky and dance like on top of the aggressive harsh gutter gurgles.

You’ve been in Socal for a year now. How is Los Angeles different from Virginia, where you used to live?
Well to start, Hampton, Virginia, has nothing—it’s a military based town like pretty much all of the Hampton Roads area. That’s why the move to Richmond was so important. There is a lil tiny scene full of extremely creative and supportive people there, but it’s also extremely oppressed because of the law’s strong hold on the area. It’s really hard for anyone to have a show space there legal or DIY. RVA used to have a pretty fruitful music scene back in the day. It’s sad to see how dried up it is now. L.A. is bigger (duh!) and has such a variety of creative beings and, like RVA, has a strong support system. People are much friendlier off the bat and curious to know who you are and what you do. L.A. is like the same, but more.

All the info I can dig up about you speaks to that fact that you have a wild stage persona.  How much of your live show is personality/performance driven?
I’m usually in black-out mode when I perform. Whatever happens, happens. Sometimes I plan big crazy messy gross antics or some big interactive noise making session but that is all based on the freedom I have with the space I’m playing at.

You’re on a comp called Ladyz In Noyz. Talk to me about the importance of gender and gender politics in making your music…
I’ve been told I’m a sexist male trapped in a woman’s body and keep the politics to myself. I feel like I could make some sick jokes right now, but also feel like I’d offend more then humor.

You’re signed to Anti-Everything but from watching videos on your Youtube channel, you really exude positivity.  Give me a list of things you AREN’T against.
Well, I’d hope I’m signed to A.E.N. considering I’m really literally out of my mind when I do those videos.

I love animals, gay marriage, coffee and cigarettes, and Goth lifestyles.

Hear Leah Peah’s noise

Don’t miss her L.A. debut:

Image: Sam Lubicz + Liam Morrison

Sean Carnage presents…

L.A.’s Got Talent: Opening Night

7pm-12am Thursday, August 4, at Sancho Gallery

Featuring CONCERTPAGE covers + new original artwork from: Lou Beach, Kat Harvey, Nika Kolodziej, Sam Lubicz, Kyle H. Mabson, Brendan Morrison, Liam Morrison, Gary Panter, Christopher Payne, Jean-Luc Unger, & Wayne White

Plus friends of CONCERTPAGE: Dalton Blanco, Dagenhart Brown, Kat GenikovAjax Hulce, Albert Ortega, Brooke Rollo, & Ryan Wade.

And a video screening room with previews from Carnage Video, Albert ChangVice CoolerVim CronyXenia Shin, Adam Papagan, more. (Full video program screens 8/13)

“Cobra Snake” will be there.

Featuring live entertainment by

11:15 DJs Sam + Liam

10:45 Precious

10:30 “The Comedic Stylings of Peter Moran”

9:45 SFV Acid

9:30 “The Comedic Stylings of Peter Moran”

9:00 Jon Barba

8:45 “The Comedic Stylings of Peter Moran”

7:45 DJ JCiocci2000

7:30 Leah Peah

7pm DJs Sam + Liam

Starts 7pm / free / all-ages

Sancho—1549 W. Sunset Blvd., in Downtown Echo Park

RSVP for Opening Night

Download & print poster

Add SEANCARNAGE.COM for updates & more

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