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We’ve had so many D.I.Y. venue closings (not to mention threatened-closings) in 2010 that it’s about time something went right for our little scene…

Hopefully this points us in the right direction—CONCERTPAGE.

This is your guide to D.I.Y. events in L.A.

FYI: This is a limited-quantity trial run. You will most likely not see it everywhere at first, but we will get there in Janury 2011.

The front (above) & the back (below)



Artistic director & cover artist: Sam Lubicz

Design: Charles Pollard

Major hat tips to: Jesse Hlebo,, everyone who bought records from me this past month, Barry aka Monkey Bucket, William Caruso, Mikhai Tran, and all the D.I.Y. event bookers & show-goers…you rule. This is for you!

Email me if you know of places I should distribute this, or if you want to help with distribution

Submit your events to CONCERTPAGE.ORG

Read the complete CONCERTPAGE calendar online

ADVERTISE (deadline: 11.21.2010 5pm)

The next issue of CONCERTPAGE streets 11.29.2010

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