Scuttering toward L.A.: The insect sounds of Splinter Cake

Name: Splinter Cake

Origin: The Sirius star.

Interesting tour experience:
“Last time I was traveling down the West Coast, we stopped at a gas station and when I went inside to pay for the gas, I gave the guy my money and while I was waiting for my change when he said, ‘Excuse me sir, this spider fell out of your wallet.’ I tried to scoop him up but the man gave me and angry look, so I left the spider on the counter in hopes that it would bite him.”

Obscure alternatives: Splinter Cake relaxes at home.

What’s the significance of the name Splinter Cake?
Hammer, nail, cross, wood, termite, parasite, bug me later, insect dirt, bury bones in back yards. Reaching hand triangle.

What inspires you to make your music?
There’s a huge problem in our society which enrages the youth, who has the right to be enraged and we need to act fast and impeach George W. Bush.

What are your future plans with your music, or your life in general?
I want to eventually gain enough knowledge in mathematics to practice Geomatria and also build Harry Partch‘s 43 tonal scale organ.

Is there anything you would like to add in closing?
Please do not smoke meth.

Listen: Splinter Cake “Flight of the Flies”

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Jon Barba, aka Nicole Kidman
Former Ghosts
No Paws

With special guest Splinter Cake

Starts 9:30pm / $5 / all-ages

Pehrspace—325 Glendale Blvd., in Historic Filipinotown

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