Cockwind’s ultimate Hawkwind videos

Flesh. Machines. Chemicals. Computers. Sex.

Audio annihilation.

Welcome to the electrosensual world of Hawkwind as presented by Cockwind, the gay space rock tribute.

Your chromium eyeballs—and your synthetic genitals—will be equally pleasured.

Do not panic.

Cockwind presents this sonic preview of tonight’s aural experiment. It’s a catalog of Hawkwind moments, sonically reduced, electronically measured and cybernetically encapsulated for terrestrial humanoids circa 2010.

Watch Cockwind’s Ultimate Hawkwind videos

Hawkwind “Silver Machine”—Their biggest hit. A rock video classic.

Hawkwind “Quark, Strangeness & Charm”—Sean Carnage’s favorite video of all time. Marc Bolan is amazing in the intro (“The group that should have written ‘Star Wars’ but didn’t…SNORRRT”). So is Calvert who wears eyeshadow…& a stuffed hawk!

Nik Turner & I.C.U. feat. Robert Calvert “Master of the Universe”—Hawk icons post-Hawk. Calvert plays keys with a hammer.

Hawkwind “At a Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble”—New Hawkwind…they still rule! They should duet with Gaga

**You will have to click the direct links to see these videos (“Embedding disabled by request”…drat)

Hawkwind “Master of the Universe”—Cockwind covers this classic

Hawkwind “The Solstice at Stonehenge (1984)”—Duuuuuuude…drugs not even necessary

Watch Hawkwind: The BBC4 Documentary

Hawkwind BBC 4 documentary Part 1 of 9—The band’s beginnings on the street busking

Hawkwind BBC 4 documentary Part 2 of 9—Hawkwind & the birth of British festival culture

Hawkwind BBC 4 documentary Part 3 of 9—Robert Calvert joins the group

Hawkwind BBC 4 documentary Part 4 of 9—Lemmy, audio generators & synthesizers

Hawkwind BBC 4 documentary Part 5 of 9—Hawkwind has a top 10 hit single

Hawkwind BBC 4 documentary Part 6 of 9—The legendary SPACE RITUAL tour & tons of drugs

Hawkwind BBC 4 documentary Part 7 of 9—Is the spaceship blowing up?

Hawkwind BBC 4 documentary Part 8 of 9—Hawkwind spawns punk

Hawkwind BBC 4 documentary Part 9 of 9—Hawkwind now

Also highly recommended:

The Spirit of the P/age—an online tribute to genius Hawkwind singer/lyricist Robert Calvert.

Reasons to be Cheerful—celebrating the incredible graphics of Hawkwind designer Barney Bubbles, this site has to be among the hippest music/art/typography/design sites on the web currently.

This is your captain speaking.

Your captain is dead.

Don’t miss tonight….

Sean Carnage presents

Cockwind (the gay Hawkwind tribute)
Daniel Francis Doyle
Dwyer’s Corneas
Western Popular

Starts 9:30pm / $5 / all-ages

Pehrspace—325 Glendale Blvd., in Historic Filipinotown

Sonic attack in 10…9…8………

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