Exclusive: Stills from my new XBXRX interview video

I’m hard at work on today’s video, an interview with reactivated thrash/punk band XBXRX, and I wanted to put up these stills up to whet your appetite.

In this new Carnage video, the members of XBXRX (Vice Cooler, Steve Touchston, Kyle Mabson and Josh Taylor) discuss their brand new music, how they are bringing the aggression (because no one else is), their new uniforms and more.

Intercut with the interview is preview footage (courtesy of Timothy Murray, myself and others) from 420 Observed, a new mini-documentary on the 420 festivities at Pehrspace last month.

The video drops later today.

The XBXRX video is done—watch it here

420 Observed hits later this month. Look out for both!

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