Big party tonight and you are invited…Read about guest performers Sisterfucker & Raw War

Tonight we party at the home of legendary artist Tom of Finland, perhaps the greatest male erotic illustrator ever, and an inspiration to millions.

We will be honoring the art of poster maker Danimal.

If you are in or near Echo Park you owe it to yourself to stop by.

Afterward we rock to the provocative sounds of Gay Beast, XBXRX, Sisterfucker, Raw War and NASA Space Universe.

Raw War is as caustic and uncompromising as their name would suggest. Hailing from Oakland, sound like a punk record and a Fall record and a grunge record all playing at once. You know—cacophonous, guitars guitars guitars, and vocals that make you want to punch someone in the face. Like yourself. (You deserve it.)

In short, Raw War are the perfect complement to tonight’s proceedings…

Who is Raw War?
Sweet tooth plays drums, and Sean and Jen sing. There’s also some guitars and stuff.

How would you describe your musical aesthetic?
Dum punk.

How long have you been together?
Since we started.

What song in your set most represents you as a band?
We play this one song called “Claire’s Mystery” and it’s about accessories and how she finds the time to make them all. What a mystery!

What are your favorite new songs right now and why?
Sean: Old Skull’s “Homeless” video
Jen: I like to dance to Italo disco
Tooth: Whatever is playing right now. Because I have no memory.

Complete this sentence: See us in L.A. and…
…Then we’ll tag team u.

Photo: Dalton Blanco

When I announced Sisterfucker‘s appearance on tonight’s show, I got an immediate response from all of you: YES!!!

That’s because this duo’s pedigree—these two have played (albeit separately) in iconic bands like Child Pornography, High Castle and Coughs—represents some of the best music made thus far in the 21st Century.

This is not easy listening. But that’s what you wanted. Be careful what you wish for…

Who is Sisterfucker?
Erin Allen, drums and vocals.  Vanessa Harris, guitar and vocals.

How would you describe your musical aesthetic?
Log Cabin.  But instead of using an axe you use the chain saw.

How long have you been together?
Since October of ’09… We wanted to redeem a one night stand we
called “Lotion”.

What song in your set most represents you as a band?
“Breakfast” because prophetically topical. Plus it happens everyday!

What’s your favorite new song right now?
“Dissident Aggressor”—It’s our new favorite song as a band.  We disagree which version is better… Slayer or Judas Priest???

Complete this sentence: See us in L.A. and…
…Do you wanna die?

Hear/download Sisterfucker’s “School Spirit”


See Raw War & Sisterfucker perform with XBXRX, NASA Space Universe, & Gay Beast on Friday, July 9th

Starts at 6pm…

Admission includes

-A showing of Dan’s incredible screen art
-Tours of the world-famous (but rarely seen) Tom of Finland Foundation
-Dancing with DJ Kyle Mabson
-Cocktails & vegan food from Chef Joshua Ploeg
-A limited edition Danimal/Tom of Finland print
-Limited shuttle service from Tom’s dungeon to 9pm Pehrspace concert (see details below)
-A tax-deductible donation to the Tom of Finland Foundation, the world’s repository for erotic art

$15 / 18+ only / 1421 Laveta Terrace in Echo Park

Then at 9pm…

Gay Beast
Sister Fucker (members of Child Pornography, High Castle & Coughs)
Raw War
NASA Space Universe

All-ages / $5 (free for art reception attendees)

Pehrspace—325 Glendale Blvd.

RSVP for the 6pm Danimal art show & cocktail reception here

RSVP for the 9pm Pehrspace show here

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