I’m proud to announce that Sean Carnage Monday Nights have found a new, permanent home at Pehr Space, 325 Glendale Boulevard, Los Angeles 90026.

Our first Pehr show features an all-star lineup: Telepathik Friend (Caroliner-esque, mind-blowing weirdness from SF), The Chuck Dukowski Sextet (ex-Blag Flag ex-SWA!), The Amazements, Fireworks, and, from Vancouver, Minivan and The Doers. Show time is 9pm (note the earlier start time). Admission is $5 / all-ages, same as always.

All previously scheduled Sean Carnage Monday shows will be moved to Pehr Space.

You will love Pehr: it’s safe, volunteer run, has a lighted parking lot, free street parking, clean bathrooms, great acoustics (as good as or better than Il Corral, which was pretty good), a PA system, DJ turntables, etc. It’s also nearly soundproof and causes no disturbance to the neighbors.

Proprietors Adam Hervey and Darren King are 100% behind my shows and the music.

Their mission statement says it all:

“We are an all-ages, non-profit arts space serving local and touring artists and musicians, as well as the people of los angeles. We were inspired and influenced by Jabberjaw and Timbrespace.”

Pehr is doing great work in the community and have a terrific reputation amongst performers, bands and music fans.

I am so honored that they would take us on. I know that we will all work really hard to make them proud of us. (Who knows, perhaps this is where we will shoot the sequel to 40 BANDS 80 MINUTES!?)

In the meantime, prepare yourself for some amazing music.

Please spread the word.

**NOTE: Pehr is located at 325 Glendale in the BACK of the Glen Village Plaza parking lot. If you thought Il Corral was tough to find… Lookout!

The best way to find Pehr Space is to locate the Glen Village Plaza sign (clearly visible from the street), park, then walk to the very back right-hand corner of the parking lot. You will find the entrance door behind a short tree. Pehr’s not visible from the street, which is great. “What we do is secret.” See you this Monday?

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