Vote your favorite: Captain Ahab vs. XBXRX

Captain Ahab are indeed mighty warriors. Last week the L.A.-based twosome defeated the multi-headed monster known as the International Noise Conference without so much as cracking a sweat.

Who knew they were so fierce?

But this week, Captain Ahab may finally have met their match: the musical barbarians of XBXRX.

Last week Captain Ahab defeated the entire cast of millions of I.N.C. L.A. at Women. Now, the good Captain may have met his match—XBXRX Short Fast Loud. Check it:

Now that Captain Ahab have worthy competition, will they remain on top?

XBXRX is playing this Saturday 5/8 at the Glasshouse in Pomona—you know you gotta check that shit out!

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Last week’s poll remains open—THERE’S STILL TIME TO VOTE!

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