Alright mama! Accosted by Damiana Garcia deep inside Mastodon Mesa WATCH THE VIDEO

It’s entertainment reporting of the most entertaining kind courtesy of fearless World of Wonder reporter Damiana Garcia

After 141 episodes (!) of her Daily Freak Show, this lady can still wiggle into an Ann Taylor suit dress, stalk the red carpet for hours in 100º+ weather AND hoist a big fat microphone with the best of ’em. Giuliana Rancic can kiss it.

In this installment Ms. Garcia explores the Albert Reyes art opening at Mastodon Mesa. Lots of fun, well-known-ish L.A. people were there like Albert Reyes, Graham Kolbeins, Mya Stark, Rudy Bleu, Bianca O’Blivion, a werewolf, the B-Side bro, and, uh, yours truly.

It’s amusing/distressing to me that in a comedy video full of artists, freaks and the gayest gays, I somehow managed to come off as the most flaming. I might as well have taken a Judy Garland record and stapled it to my forehead.

Damiana Garcia is so rad, and so is her alter-ego, comedian and video producer Michael Lucid. Michael so inspired me when I moved to L.A. He performed at a couple Monday nights at Il Corral which was sweet. He’s still doing his thing and it just gets bigger and better all the time.

Here’s some vintage Michael Lucid, back when he was half of comedy duo Pretty Thingsss. Please take the extra minute and watch these clips—I still think they are among the very best vids on YouTube!

“Dudes” Episode 1

Treble & Timbre — “Always a Bad Girl”

Watch Damiana Garcia & the Daily Freak Show

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Attend Mastodon Mesa’s newest opening/party on September 15 (It’s found photography, which is gonna rule! Plus: booze, flirting, etc. I hope you can join me there!!!)

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