40 BANDS 80 MINUTES! about to enter it’s 3rd week & other news!

The 40 BANDS 80 MINUTES! DVD is about to enter it’s third week on sale and our little movie continues to pick up steam!

40 BANDS 80 MINUTES! is now on Netflix. This is a real coup, people, as it will keep the movie in circulation for years. In fact, this is bigger than getting into any film fest (which will still happen, hopefully—I applied to over 20 fests!). Please rent the DVD from Netflix and review it!

I am also selling copies, just paypal $12 ($10 + $2 shipping) to sean@seancarnage.com.

You can also buy the DVD from Amazon.

Sounds Are Active Chis and I are still furiously mailing copies for review to all important media and other contacts. Hopefully, we will see reviews popping up over the next 6 months or so.

This week, I am continuing the mailing/promo campaign. I should be sending out another 50 discs. So if you are lucky enough to receive a copy, please review it! No one has made a movie anything like this and it is historical.

I really appreciate all the positive feedback (and promo advice/contact hook-ups).

But the people that really need to know how much you love the DVD is the movie’s distributor, Nail.

Please add Nail and send them messages and leave them comments! This is the only way to ensure that our tiny lil endeavor gets to music fans across the country.

Finally, TONIGHT IS THE LAST IL CORRAL MONDAY SHOW OF THE YEAR!!! The music is courtesy of The Top Drawer, The Amazements, 14-Year-Old Girls, the Pristines, Bark Bark Bark and Tik//tik.

The show starts 9:30pm. It’s all-ages, $5. The address: 662 N. Heliotrope Dr. L.A.

**Please do not drink on the sidewalk, vandalize or otherwise disturb our neighbors. We are on thin ice, so when you party and get wild, make sure it’s indoors, okay!? This is not New Orleans. Open containers and loudness on the sidewalk are not tolerated in L.A.

See you there? This is gonna be the best show EVER!




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