I have 40 BANDS! DVDs for the following people:

If you participated in the making of 40 BANDS 80 MINUTES!, I want YOU to have a DVD.
Just a simple “thank-you” from the Carnage!

Unfortunately, my mailing budget is totally blown, so if you could please stop by Il Corral this Monday night, I sure would appreciate it. Otherwise, you may not get your disc for a few weeks.

Also, touring bands: sell 40 BANDS! DVD on the road and make cash. Ask me and I will tell you how.

This Monday, November 27th:

Special pre-sale price: $10 for a DVD

Starts 9:30pm / all-ages / $5

Free for 40 BANDS! participants—get your DVDs this night

\\\ — Sergio, David
Abe Vigoda — Michael, Juan, Gerardo, David
Anavan — Aaron, Bret, Molly
Asthmatique — Jared, Andrew, Brian, Brenda
Bacon Tears Up Business — Matt
Bipolar Bear — Luke, Brian, Julian, Kerri
Bizzart vs. Demonslayer — Art, Dan
Camarillo Blues Triangle — Cyrus, Alfred, Shahen
Captain Ahab — James, Jonathan
Christ With Braces — Raven, Adam O.
Clowns and Fetuses — Richard & Dan
Debaser — Josh
Dommm — Dominic
Erebus Nyx & Styx — John, Shannon, Omega Meltdown
Explogasm — Kate, Melissa, Justin, Brandon, Kyle, Jessie, Fred
Extreme Dubble Bubble — Nicholas, Germaine, Grace
Faux For Real — Victor, Jenna, Devin
Fireworks — Lee
Gowns — Ezra & Erika
Halloween Swim Team — Jonathan, Jonathan, Dustin
Harasser — James, Pete, Sandor
Health — Jupiter, Jared, Jacob, John
I Rape Nick Lachey — Peter
Katherine Hall & Elijah Forrest — Elijah
Lovetongueattack — Joseph
Mitchell Brown — Mitchell, David K., David R., Jean-Paul
Naomi — Naomi
Parkinsons — Erin
Rob Williams — Rob
Slutty Knuckles — James, Emily
Sykora — Andy
The Amazements — Liam, Elon, Brendan
The Health Club — Gabriel, Gerard, Katya
The Outfit — Choncey, Chris
The Wives — Randy, Dean, Adam R., Robert W.
Toxic Loincloth — Cole
Unwrinkled Doctor — John, Andrew
Veer Right Young Pastor — Andrew, Scott, Lydia, Jason
Warm Climate — Seth, Rune
Weekend Warrior — Clyde, Kris, Cameron
White Trash Firecracker — Bradley, Stephen
William C. Harrington — Bill
Xanaar — Gabo
Live sound recording — Daniel Daniel
Live sound recording — Matt
Production Assistant — Mindy
Production Assistant — Mitsu
Featured interviewee — Brittany
Featured interviewee — Wanda
Closing sequence performer — Will K.

*If your name is not on the list, I have either: gotten you a DVD already or made arrangements to get you a DVD or you did not sign a model release. Questions? Hit me up at sean@seancarnage.com

To the folks listed above: you will be getting the DVD for free on November 27th because you played in the movie. Have you considered buying additional copies? I mean, seriously, your cool cousin or niece or nephew or uncle is going to love this. You—on a DVD? For $10!? What could could be a better holiday gift?

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